A User Tried To Troll Taapsee Pannu By Calling Her Average Looking, She Slammed Him

She Does Know How To Shut Down The Trollers


Taapsee Pannu is striding towards success in Bollywood industry. Before it, she made a name for herself in Tollywood industry. She is quite active on social media and she is no strangers to trollers. Fortunately, she does know how to shut down the trollers. Recently a Twitterati tried to troll her but ended up being trolled and he had to delete his tweet.


Taapsee Pannu Uploaded A Picture

Taapsee Pannu was in Kashmir for the shooting for her upcoming movie, Manmarziyaan. She uploaded an image to social media. The images featured Taapsee enjoying the beauty of nature. She captioned the image, “ Dear Kashmir, You truly proved to be “Paradise” for me. Lost and found wali feeling became beautiful courtesy you. Phir Milenge…… agli Baar jab Mausam Thoda behtar Hoga! Love Rumi  #Manmarziyaan #Kashmir #FilmWrap”.


A User Tried To Troll Her

Taapsee Pannu

We all know that Twitter is the place where the controversy can start with a snap. There are a lot of users who literally seeks out the opportunity to criticize others and sometimes for no reason. A user commented, “Who made your heroine, you look so average”. Perhaps, the user was unaware of the fact that acting makes an actor, not the looks. And as far as looks are concerned, Taapsee is one of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood.  No doubt, the user had some weird definition of beauty.


Taapsee Shut Him Down Sarcastically

His tweet would have pissed anyone but Taapsee remained calm and channel his criticism in a sarcastic way of her own. She tweeted, “Probably little bit of acting. And it’s not so bad to look average, is it? It’s the largest category in the world. Her tweet shut down the troller and eventually made him delete his tweet.


The Twitter Broke Out Laughing

The twitter broke out laughing and Twitterati came in support of Taapsee for this.

A perfect reply by Taapsee, once again she has proved her wit. What do you say about this? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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