Check Out This List Of Popular TV Actors Who Dated Their On-Screen Parents

This Tells That Love Knows No Boundaries

TV Actors Dated On-screen Parentsvia

We all know that the TV actors usually date their co-actors. However, it is quite surprising to know that there are many actors who dated their on-screen parents. Today we have compiled a list of such TV actors. Let us take a look at them.


1. Alok Nath  And Neena Gupta

TV Actors Dated On-screen Parents

If rumors are believed, the veteran actor Alok Nath was dating Neena Gupta. The fun fact is that Neena has played the daughter-in-law of Alok Nath in the drama show Buniyaad.


2. Ankit Gera And Monica Singh

TV Actors Dated On-screen Parents

Ankit Gera played the on-screen son of Monica Singh in the show titled as Mann Kee Awaaz…Pratigya. There were rumors the Ankit and Monica were dating at that time. After the breakup, Monica revealed that they were about to tie the knot.


3. Ram Kapoor And Eva Grover

TV Actors Dated On-screen Parents

Sony TV’s most popular show- Bade Ache Lagte Hai, Eva Grover played the on-screen stepmother of Ram Kapoor. There were rumors about her dating Ram Kapoor but she shook the rumors off in an interview and said, “This is utter nonsense. I am a single mother of a five-year-old daughter and I swear on my child that it is untrue. Ram is a respectful man and we have a very nice rapport. His wife (Gautami Kapoor) is also a very good friend of mine. In fact, I will call Gautami and clear out things immediately so that things don’t get misconstrued any further”.


4. Siddharth Shukla And Smita Bansal

TV Actors Dated On-screen Parents

Siddharth Shukla is also in the list of TV actors who have dated their on-screen parents. There were rumors that he was dating Smita Bansal who played his mother. However, neither of the actors have admitted the relationship.

Were you aware of these TV actors? If you know any other TV actor that belongs to this list, do share in the comments.

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