Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 22nd November 2023 Written Updates

Udaariyaan 25th September 2023

The previous episodes have been thrilling and have taken the show in a different direction. Kabeer’s death came as a big twist for all the viewers. The narrative of the show Udaariyaan is expected to be a roller coaster of emotions and strategies. The characters’ interactions will take the show to a new level. The high-voltage drama in the show will influence the story. Will Aliya take Asmaan’s name deliberately? Will Asmaan be caught in a false case? Let’s explore what will happen in today’s episode.  Continue reading to know what happens in today’s November 22, 2023, episode of Udaariyaan.


Armaan Takes The Blame

Udaariyaan Written Episode
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Today’s, 22nd November 2023, episode of Udaariyaan will begin with Aliya planning to put Asmaan in a false murder case of Kabeer. Someone captures Asmaan’s picture amidst the chaos created by Aliya. Armaan, on the other hand, tries to help Asmaan. He hides Kabeer’s body and asks her not to tell anything to the police. The show’s upcoming episode will show Asmaan in a situation where she will have to get help from Aliya.

Aliya will force Asmaan to the extent that Asmaan will have to bow in front of Aliya. We will also get to see how Armaan’s brother will see Kabeer’s dead body in the car. He will shout and gather everyone in the family. To save Asmaan, Armaan will take all the blame himself. This will lead Asmaan to go to Aliya to save Armaan. Jordan will enter the show in future episodes. He will favor Aliya. What will happen in the next episode? Will Aliya ask Asmaan to step back from Armaan’s life? What will the new entry in the show do? Will he create further chaos and help Aliya disrupt Asmaan’s life? Will Armaan go to jail? Well, time has all the answers. Let’s see what happens in the narrative next.


Udaariyaan: The Drama

Asmaa Armaan Aliya Udaariyaan
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What do you think will happen next in the narrative of Udaariyaan? How will the plot develop? If you want to satisfy your curiosity, don’t miss today’s program. Please leave your thoughts in the space below. We look forward to hearing from you. We impatiently await your response! Also, keep tuned for more. Also, stay tuned for additional details about this fascinating program.

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