Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 2nd August 2023 Written Updates

Udaariyaan 2nd August 2023

Day by day, the drama Udaariyaan becomes more captivating. In the past, Harleen’s plan to abduct Aliya is accomplished. So that she would appear confident in front of Aliya, she had planned to save Aliya herself. Meanwhile, a distraught Nehmat appears to have overheard Harleen speaking on the phone while looking for Aliya. Nehmat is stunned by the news and finds accepting what she has just heard hard. Today’s Udaariyaan episode of 2nd August 2023 abounds drama and emotions. Continue reading to find out more about today’s episode. Happy reading!

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Kids Are Saved

Udaariyaan Written Episode
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Nehmat uses her wits to save the children as she learns of Harleen’s strategy. The kids are saved because of Nehmat’s intelligence.


Nehmat Is Taken Aback

Udaariyaan Episode
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Today’s episode of Udaariyaan, 02-08-2023, opens with Aliya sobbing because she is terrified of the thug who is pointing a pistol at her. She begs Nehmat to save her while sobbing. Nehmat cries to the thug while joining hands to let go of Aliya. She asks him to let her daughter, Aliya go and not harm her. She further assures him that she’ll do anything in return. The thug also demands that Nehmat give him back the three kids he saved the day before. Additionally, he requires Aliya from her. Nehmat is taken aback upon hearing this.


What Happens Next In Udaariyaan?

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Further, Nehmat refused to return the kids. Aliya will be shocked upon hearing this, believing Nehmat doesn’t want to save her because she disagrees with the thug. This will bring Nehmat in a bad picture, and Aliya will think wrong of her.


Udaariyaan: The Drama

Udaariyaan Written Episode
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The family-friendly drama series Udaariyaan premiered on Colors TV on March 15, 2021. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta participated in the play that Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey previously authored. The pieces are played by Twinkle Arora and Hitesh Bharadwaj, respectively.

Tejo, Jasmine Kaur Sandhu, and Fateh Singh Virk are three significant relationship figures. There is a lot of pressure on the Sandhu family to leave Sarson ke Khet and go to Canada. Additionally, they come from a little Punjabi hamlet. Bad things happen when the attractive Fateh enters their lives since he has conflicting objectives for the two sisters, Tejo and Jasmine.

Will Aliya be saved? What do you think will take place next in the story? Do not miss today’s program if you wish to quench your curiosity. Stay tuned! Tell us your opinions with us in the comment section below. We are waiting for your response!

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