Some Unknown Facts About The New Internet Sensation, Sakshi Malik

She Got A Boost In Her Popularity After "Bom Diggy Diggy" Song

Sakshi Malikvia

7. She Is A Foodie But She Eats Healthy Food

Sakshi Malik

Whenever you hear the word foodie you may think about a person who is ever ready to taste the fast food. However, there are also some people who like to taste new healthy foods and Sakshi is one of them.


8. Her Sister Is Her Bestie

Sakshi Malik

Girls love to share her deepest secrets with their bestie. Sakshi’s best friend is her sister with whom she shares her secrets.


9. She Is Selectively Social

Sakshi Malik

She is not one of those who seeks the company of friends. There are only a few people that are close to her.

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