Some Unknown Facts About The New Internet Sensation, Sakshi Malik

She Got A Boost In Her Popularity After "Bom Diggy Diggy" Song

Sakshi Malikvia

13. She Loves To Go Trekking

Sakshi Malik

Besides the glamour world, she also has interest in the adventure world. She always ready for the thrill filling adventure. She loves to go on trekking.


14. She Is Obsessed With Shoes And Bags

Sakshi Malik

Shoes are one of the essential accessories that define your fashion sense. Sakshi has a love for the shoes. She always buys the latest editions. Similarly, she is obsessed about bags.


15. Her Favorite Makeup Brands

Sakshi Malik

While choosing the makeup accessories, she opts for Chanel, Mac, Makeup Forever and some other renowned brands. Well, there is no compromise with the skin.

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