UnWoman Review: A Powerful Portrayal Of Bride Trafficking That Deserves Widespread Attention

UnWoman Movie Review

UnWoman is an upcoming Hindi-language drama film produced by Gunjan Goel. Furthermore, this movie is going to make its official release on the 5th of May, 2023. The genre of this 110 Minutes movie is Love, Social Issues, Lgbtq+, and Drama. It would not be wrong to say that it is one of those movies that deserves widespread attention. This movie showcases the harsh realities of Indian society, having a particular focus on the state of Rajasthan. Bride trafficking is a common practice in India and Rajasthan. Currently, the news highlights the same about a 17-year-old girl from Madhya Pradesh who was sold and married twice in 5 months. However, the additional themes in this film are gender as well as love stereotypes. Here is the UnWoman review for you to have a greater understanding. Read on.


UnWoman Story

Unwoman Movie

UnWoman is the directorial work of Pallavi Roy Sharma. This movie primarily focuses on three characters named Bhairo (portrayed by Bhagwan Tiwari), Bhanwar (by Sarthak Narula), and Sanwari (by Kanak Garg). They hail from a small village in Rajasthan. Furthermore, the plot goes like Bhanwar is a lonely man who leads a simple life. However, he is often burdened by the overpowering shadow of his dominant uncle Bhairo who mainly decides on Bhanwar’s behalf. In order to improve Bhanwar’s life, Uncle Bhairo lures him into buying a bride. Bhanwar sells his piece of land, and Bhairo contacts a human trafficker. Things take a crazy turn when the human trafficker dupes Bhanwar and, instead of a woman, sells him Sanwri, who is a Transgender / Inters*x person. Having a transgendered woman in a conservative place like Rajasthan is very problematic for them. Therefore, they decide to keep them (Sanwari) by hiding her real identity. Soon after, love forms between Sanwari and Bhanwar. How does the story follow afterward? Make sure to watch the movie to find out.


UnWoman Review

Unwoman Review

If you are looking for a powerful movie that sheds light on the stereotypes and harsh societal realities, this movie is for you. UnWoman is a movie that very well paints the picture of bride trafficking, gender, and love stereotypes. How even after realizing Sanwari is transgender Bhanwar forms a soulful and romantic relationship with her is beyond beautiful. Sanwri’s gentle demeanor and sweet nature soften Bhanwar’s heart. But again, the prejudiced notions of Uncle Bhairo come in. For Bhairo, Sanwri and Bhanwar’s relationship is anything but real. Furthermore, the movie portrays how you subjugation of transgenders is done when Bhairo criticizes and does domestic violence on Sanwari but also uses them to satisfy his lustful needs.

Unwoman Kanak Garg

How only a relationship, be it s*xual or soulful, is justified only between a woman and a man is very well showcased. Society does not accept Bhanwar and Sanwari’s relationship when it comes to the limelight via his own uncle. People forced them to be ashamed of their bodies and asked them to live away from the mainstream. Bhanwar and Sanwri thus realized that their love was not enough to survive the harsh judgment, mockery, taboos, and hypocrisy of society. The movie also beautifully portrays the skewed female ratio in some parts of India and how bride trafficking is a common practice. It is, all in all, an enriching movie that deserves widespread attention.


Final Verdict

UnWoman Movie

If you want to enlighten someone about the prevalent stereotypes in the world regarding gender and love, then you must watch this movie with them. Nonetheless, watch it yourself because it is going to be a fantastic enriching experience. We give the film 4 out of 5 stars.

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