Cook With Comali 4, CWC 9th July 2023 Semi-Finale Episode: New Finalists and Elimination

"Cook with Comali 4: Semi-Final Round Brings Surprises and New Finalists"

Cook With Comali 4 9 July 2023

The 48th episode of Cook with Comali 4 was filled with excitement and surprises as the semi-final round kicked off. The atmosphere was electric as everyone danced together, setting the stage for a thrilling competition. Celebrity chef Damu added a twist by introducing devil bowls filled with tough ingredients. The cooks were in for a shock when they unveiled sundakkai, tea leaves, papaya, etc.

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Unpredictable Ingredient Assignments

Cook with comali 4 Elimination

To make matters more interesting, each cook had to choose a nameplate randomly, which determined the ingredient they could assign to their opponents. Mime Gopi, who had won the advantage task, decided to give fish eggs to Srushti, creating a sense of disappointment. Additionally, Mime Gopi exercised his advantage to eliminate artichoke and fish eggs from the list, leaving the remaining ingredients up for grabs.


Cook With Comali 4 Semi Finale

Cook With Comali 4 Semi-Finale

The episode welcomed the director Suresh and the heroine Shirin Kanchwala from the film “Mr. Zoo Keeper” as special guests. Pugazh, who played the film’s lead role, shared his experience of acting alongside a real tiger, adding to the excitement. The team congratulated the movie for its success and revealed the second-look poster during the episode.


Hindrances And Unexpected Tasks

As the cooking challenge progressed, an extra task was introduced. The cooks were tasked with creating an additional dish using Town Bus snack items, with or without the stove. However, this dish would not be considered during the judging process. Chef Damu added further obstacles by introducing hindrances such as umbrellas, boxing gloves, and headsets. The cooks had to instruct the comalis while holding umbrellas, with one comali wearing boxing gloves and the other wearing a headset playing music.


Cook With Comali 4 Finalists Revealed

After the intense cooking challenge and judging process, Chef Damu announced the four finalists of Cook with Comali 4. Mime Gopi, Sivaangi, Srushti, and Kiran emerged as the top contenders, showcasing their culinary skills and creativity. However, to everyone’s surprise, Kiran, who was initially in danger of elimination, secured the fifth spot among the finalists.


Excitement And Gift Vouchers

Cook With Comali Finalist

The episode concluded on a celebratory note as the first five finalists of Cook with Comali 4 were awarded gift vouchers. The entire cast and crew rejoiced in the show’s success, and the comalis were also acknowledged for their contributions throughout the season.

In this thrilling semi-final round, the contestants faced unexpected challenges, showcased their culinary prowess, and secured their spots as finalists. Therefore with only a few episodes left, the anticipation for the grand finale of Cook with Comali 4 continues to grow. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and nail-biting culinary showdowns.

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