List Of The Upcoming Marvel Movies That Will Get You All Pumped Up For Marvel Phase 4

Marvel Upcoming Moviesvia

5. Spiderman – Far From Home

Marvel Upcoming Movies

The film Spider-Man: Far From Home is all set to hit the theaters in July 2019. The friendly neighborhood Spiderman will come back once again. And, we are excited to see what story will follow after his departure and resurrection in Infinity War and Endgame respectively.


6. The Eternals

Marvel Movies

The film is based on the race called Eternals who are extremely powerful and are created as celestials. In Vol. 2 of Guardians Of The Galaxy, we were shown the true power of the celestials and also it was revealed that Starlord is also half-celestial and half human. The most exciting thing about the film is that it will have Angelina Jolie in a key role.


7. Shang – Chi

Marvel Upcoming Movies

After the huge success of the comics, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has decided to bring Shang Chi to life. Shang- Chi is often called the “master of kung fu” and he has the ability to make endless clones of himself.

Which one of these Marvel movies get you most excited? Tell us in the comments.

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