Upcoming Movies And Shows That Can Be Binge-Worthy To Watch In August

Upcoming Movies And Shows That Can Be Binge-Worthy To Watch In August

Movies And Shows Releasing In August That Will Be Worthy Watch

Binge-Worthy Shows Watch In August

10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 – Netflix, August 13

The last season of B99 has already been released to various parts of the world. On Indian Netflix, it will make its entry on August 13. With incredible wit, humor, talent, drama, and loved characters, who can not look forward to this masterpiece of a sitcom?


11. She-Hulk – Attorney At Law, August 17

She-Hulk is going to be the 8th television series produced by MCU. This show will focus on how Aa 6 foot 7-inch superpowered woman is seeking to live everyday life in her 30s by working as an attorney at law. So, marvel fans, are you ready for She-Hulk?


12. Orphan – First Kill, August 19

If you are a fan of the horror genre, then you cannot go without watching Orphan: First Kill. The trailer looks as gory and creepy as it can be and shows how she escaped the psychiatric facility to become a part of a family and her first kill. Don’t miss it!


13. Nope – August 19

Nope is going to be another piece by Jordan Peele based on a psychological thriller. Everyone loves his Get Out and Us, and thus the expectations from this one are high. It was released last month worldwide, but it will be dropping this month in India. So let’s see how it unfolds!


14. Dobaaraa – August 19

Dobaaraa is a remake of Oriol Paulo’s Mirage. Directed by talented Anurag Kashyap, Dobaaraa will be a mystery drama that features brilliant Taapsee Pannu as the lead. A little boy who witnessed a death 25 years ago connects the incident to his present via a television set. How and Why? Let us watch this one to know!

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