From Bholaa To Gaslight, These 22 Upcoming OTT And Theatrical Releases Will Make Your Week Entertaining

Upcoming OTT and Theatrical Release

We are living in a world where OTT platforms have become widely popular. Earlier, people used to crave going to the cinema. However, with the passage of time, things have changed. Now, everyone prefers to stay at home in their cozy blankets and binge-watch on OTT platforms while enjoying popcorn. Therefore, what are the latest and upcoming movies and series are something that everyone looks forward to. If you are curious to know about the upcoming OTT and theatrical releases, then you are at the right place. From Bholaa to Gaslight, here is a curated list of 22 such releases that will make your week entertaining.


1. Dasara

Dasara is a 2023 South movie that the fans have been crazily waiting for. The movie is set in the backdrop of the Singareni coal mines near Godavarikhani of Telangana. Furthermore, the filmmaker of this period drama is none other than Srikanth Odhela.

Where To Watch: Theatre


2. Unstable

The plot of this upcoming Netflix drama revolves around a young introvert boy who is forced to get out of his comfort zone and help his father save his company. Furthermore, what is worth noting is that the series features the real-life father-son duo Rob Lowe and John Owen Lowe.

Where To Watch: Netflix


3. From Me To You

Who does not love a great adaptation of a manga series? Netflix is bringing another hit adaptation of a popular manga called Kimi ni Todoke. Furthermore, if you are into high school drama, then it is a must-watch series.

Where To Watch: Netflix


4. Unseen

Unseen is an upcoming crime drama that is going to feature Gail Mabalane, Brendon Daniels, and Hein De Vries in lead roles. Furthermore, the plot is all about a house cleaner whose search for her husband lands her in a complex situation.

Where To Watch: Netflix


5. Pathu Thala

If you wish to watch something that smells full of action, drama, and suspense, then Pathu Thala is for you. This Tamil drama is an adaptation of the Kannada movie Mufti which was a huge hit. Furthermore, it is all about a police officer who goes undercover to take down the leader of a massive cartel.

Where To Watch: Theatre


6. All I Want For Love Is You

If you are a Chinese drama fan, then you must be aware of “All I Want For Love Is You”. This is one of the most cutest and romantic dramas of all time. Do give it a try if you have not already.

Where To Watch: MX Player


7. Wellmania

Starring Celeste Barber and JJ Fong in lead roles, Netflix is coming with another edge-of-the-seat kinda series. Furthermore, the plot of the series revolves around a food blogger who re-evaluates her life choices as she decides to turn her life around by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Where To Watch: Netflix


8. Gurudev Hoysala

Another theatrical release that you all should look forward to is Gurudev Hoysala. This Kannada movie is starring none other than  Dhananjaya. Furthermore, to say that the craze for this one is too much would not be so wrong. It is all about a police officer who is transferred to Athani to solve a mysterious case of a missing cop. How will the story follow? Make sure to check it out to know.

Where To Watch: Theatre


9. The Power

Amazon prime video is coming with a new British sci-fi series, The Power, which is all about teenage girls who mysteriously receive the power to summon electricity. Sounds crazy? We totally agree.

Where To Watch: Prime Video


10. Bholaa

Bholaa is one Hindi film that everyone is crazily waiting for since the time its trailer came out. Furthermore, we all know by now that it is a remake of the Tamil hit Kaithi. The movie is starring Tabu, Ajay Devgn, Deepak Dobriyal, and others in pivotal roles.

Where To Watch: Theatre


11. Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat

Vicky Kaushal, Alaya F, and debutant Karan Mehta are all set to come up with a musical rom-com. The movie focuses on two love stories in parallel universes and the impact of social status, caste, and inequality on them.  Sounds super interesting? Well, the movie is from Anurag Kashyap, after all.

Where To Watch: Netflix


12. Murder Mystery 2

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are coming back with a power-packed second installment of Murder Mystery. Watch the duo solve another international case of a missing groom in this thriller upcoming OTT drama.

Where To Watch: Netflix


13. Kill Boksoon

Jeon Do-Yeon, Sol Kyung-gu, Esom, and Koo Kyo-hwan starrer Kill Boksoon is a must-watch for you if you are into Korean movies. Furthermore, the whole plot of the movie is about a legendary killer who is also a single mother.

Where To Watch: Netflix


14. United Kacche

This upcoming drama starring none other than Sunil Grover is about a Punjabi boy. Furthermore, it also shows the tough life of an illegal immigrant in a foreign country. You can stream this 8-episodic drama on ZEE5.

Where To Watch: ZEE5


15. Please Baby Please

Please Baby Please is an upcoming movie that will follow the tale of a newly married couple whose lives turn upside down after they witness a greaser gang kills a man on the streets of Manhattan. Sounds interesting? Make sure to add it to your watch list.

Where To Watch: Mubi


16. Tetris

Tetris is based on the true story of Henk Rogers – the man who discovered Tetris in 1988. Furthermore, it is a directorial work of none other than Jon S. Baird.

Where To Watch: Apple TV+


17. Copycat Killer

Copycat Killer is another upcoming thriller drama on Netflix. It is going to follow a prosecutor who is having a cat-and-mouse game with a media-savvy killer. Furthermore, it is going to star Kang Ren Wu, Ruby Lin, Fandy Fan, and Alice Ko in prominent roles.

Where To Watch: Netflix


18. Prom Pact

Prom Pact is an upcoming romantic drama that is about a young girl Mandy Yang (Peyton Elizabeth Lee), who aspires to attend Harvard. However, the crazy part comes in when she got to the waitlist, and to get off of it, she agrees to tutor popular basketball all-star Graham Lansing. How will the story follow? Make sure to watch and find out.

Where To Watch: Disney Plus Hotstar


19. Doogie Kamealoha MD Season 2

The next show to feature on our list of 22 upcoming OTT releases is the second installment of Doogie Kamealoha MD. Furthermore, this show will continue the story of a teenage doctor, Lahela, who meets a new boy in absence of her boyfriend.

Where To Watch: Disney Plus Hotstar


20. Aazam

Aazam is another upcoming crime drama that deserves a place on your watch list.  Its story is about a crime syndicate headed by Nawab Khan, whose son Kadar attempts to eliminate all the associates to take over the gang.

Where To Watch: Theatre


21. Dungeons And Dragons: Honour Among Thieves

Another great option to check out in the theaters is, of course, Dungeons and Dragons: Honour among thieves. Furthermore, the plot of this movie is all about a thief and his gang of misfits who embark on an adventurous quest to find an ancient relic.

Where To Watch: Theatre


22. Gaslight

Gaslight is a directorial work by Pawan Kripalani which is starring Sara Ali Khan, Chitrangada Singh, and Vikrant Massey in lead roles. Furthermore, a young woman returns to her family estate after 15 years to meet her estranged father, only to find him missing. Is he dead or alive? Find out by watching this upcoming thriller piece.

Where To Watch: Disney Plus Hotstar

These are the 22 upcoming OTT and theatrical releases that we came up with. Which among the aforementioned upcoming OTT and theatrical releases are you the most looking forward to? Tell us via the comments below. 

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