Vikas Giri’s Short Movie Pasand Napasand Is A Story Of Everyone’s Life; Must Watch

Pasand Napasand

Vikas Giri made a wonderful classic movie based on Vikram Singh’s story which is published in ‘Information and Public Relations Department Uttar Pradesh. Vikas Giri framed this story in such a way that the audience not bored in this short movie. Dialogues and script of the movie are written by Anjani Shrivastava. Script is well knitted and dialogues are full of humor. The movie is doing very well in the film festivals, this movie has also won two awards. Vikram Singh played a main role in the movie. Vikram Singh has performed very well. It seems as just like he is a fully polished actor. The story of the movie is based on a writer’s life called Mitthu ( मिट्ठू).

Pasand Napasand

In the college days, the writer’s girlfriend gave him this unique nickname. The writer wished that to sent his first published book’s copy to his ex-girlfriend. With whom he had not met for years. Through the movie, the director has raised a major problem in our society. Today our country is facing an economic slowdown, hundreds of men have lost their jobs, thousands are about to lose, in such situations how would youth be able to shape their dreams. This is the biggest question for us, this movie deal with all these real lives’s up and down of the generation, how they became panic, how they lose their temper at every pity fight; The story shows how  Abhilash fails to manage his relationship and job at the same time. Abhilash (Mitthu) is unable to marry his girlfriend due to unemployment.

Vikas Giri Pasand Napasand

It is said that first love never dies and it lives till the end. Not only unemployment, but exploitation in companies is also mentioned in this story. In a 12- 14 hours of a job, a person cannot achieve anything and he can not fulfill his dreams. Finally, it comes to “likes or dislikes”, which is also in the movie. After all, we do have the right to choose our soulmate according to our choice, but the second face of the coin is this that personal choice of boy/girl should be the ultimate decision, This film raised such many questions. The actress, Sangeeta character is played by Raman Dode and her husband, Rakesh’s role is portrayed by Virendra Sharma. A trio of director, screenplay writer and storyteller have done a ‘terrific job’ .

All the actors who play the role of actor, actress, and co-actors have made this movie fantastic and a living anecdote. Those who have a keen desire to see the colors of life, they must see this film. This is the story of every life.

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