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Vikas Gupta Is Out Of The Captaincy Race, Check Out The Full Video

He Could Not Save The Golden Egg

Vikas Guptavia

The competition is getting stiffer in Bigg Boss and everyone is racing towards the captaincy which will keep them in the safe zone for some time. However, Vikas Gupta is out of the captaincy race as he failed to save the golden egg which was the part of a task.


New Poultry Farm Task

Vikas Gupta

Due to the ignorant behavior of Akash Dadlani, the housemates lost some luxury points. Hence, Bigg Boss tossed another chance for the contestants. The new poultry farm task (Sone Ka Anda Dene Wali Murgi) is in the progress. For all those who are unaware of the task we would like to inform you that in this task, the contestants have to save the golden egg. If they failed to do so, they will end up being out of the captaincy race.


Save The Golden Egg

Vikas Gupta

The golden egg periodically hatches and it flashes the picture of a contestant. The contestant whose picture is on the egg is the owner of the egg and he/she has to save it from the other contestants as the other contestants have to steal the egg and throw it in the swimming pool. Dong this, they can get the owner of the egg out of the captaincy race.


A Heated Argument

Vikas Gupta

Colors TV uploaded the preview of the episode which is going to be aired tonight. In the video, we see Vikas Gupta is trying to save the egg from other contestants. Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde were on the quest of stealing the egg but then Vikash Gupta delivered a clothesline to Hina and Shilpa. That clothesline led a heated argument between Vikash Gupta and Hina Khan.


Vikas Gupta Is Out Of The Captaincy Race

Vikas Gupta

When Vikas Gupta was completely distracted by the argument then Akash Dadlani stole the golden egg within a snap before dropping it in the swimming pool. This means that Vikas Gupta is out of the captaincy race.

You can check the full video here.

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