Neha Dhupia Was Pregnant While Shooting A Thursday, Says: Director Changed The Script For Her

Neha Dhupia A Thursday

This Thursday, one of the best thriller films in recent times ‘A Thursday‘ released on Disney Plus Hotstar. A Thursday is a gripping and engaging thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat till the end. The audience are appreciating the performances of Yami Gautam, Neha Dhupia, and Atul Kulkarni. Not many of you are aware that Neha Dhupia who played the role of a pregnant cop Catherine Alvarez was actually pregnant while shooting.

Recently Neha Dhupia said that she lost out on a few projects when she was pregnant with her son, Guriq. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Neha Dhupia talked about the opportunity A Thursday director Behzad Khambata offered her by making changes in his script. Neha gave birth to Guriq in October last year, a month after she completed the shoot for A Thursday. Talking about the same, Neha said,

“Would I say I wasn’t fired from different projects (during her second pregnancy)? I was. Am I upset about it? I am not. Just for that one moment, (you feel bad). You’re like ‘oh my God I am not a part of the project but then maybe as an actor physically, I was required to look a certain way and I wasn’t fit for the role. Behzad worked around it and was ready to shoot when I could. He had shot one or two days, and told me he will reshoot it.”

Neha Dhupia A Thursday

Talking about the project A Thursday, Neha Dhupia said that she bagged the film before her pregnancy. However, there was a second wave of coronavirus and she got pregnant. Neha added,

“I was hired to do the part when I wasn’t pregnant. Then there was the second wave (of coronavirus) and everybody went away without knowing what was going to happen. I got pregnant. So, then, I went to Behzad and asked him ‘Are you okay taking me to the film? I was also hired for the way I looked. What I look like now is completely different. And he did not even think for a second. He instantly said that he’d definitely take me. He said ‘Not like cops do not get pregnant.’ He believed I was fit for the part. And, he worked around it.”

Neha Dhupia also appreciated director Behzad Kambata for his gesture. She said,

“Using a word like sweet would be an understatement. For me, it was more about (the fact that an opportunity was created to ensure that a pregnant woman could work in the film). It is often believed like ‘okay she’s married, then there will be children and then there’ll be a sabbatical and then a comeback’. I would also wonder (earlier) if I could ever have (that journey) because obviously there will be my professional aspirations and my personal dreams. I am grateful that Behzad took that chance on me.”

Neha Dhupia Pregnant Shooting A Thursday
Still From Trailer

Neha also opened up about the challenges she faced while shooting in pregnancy. She revealed,

“It was a discomfort more than pain. Because every woman who has been pregnant would know you get those fake contractions and all. I was touching week 36 towards the end of our shoot. We shot till September and then Guriq was born in the first week of October. There are gunshots in the film. I was worried and asked my gynecologist ‘Is this loud noise gonna bother my child or wake up my child?’ She told me ‘No, no. Do what you have to’.”

“The shooting was physically tough, especially because of the rains. I would be drenched all day. The jeans would stick to my legs and I would just stay on the sets. Everyone would ask me to go and get some rest in my trailer but I couldn’t make it back. The steps on the trailer were so high. I could not do so many things.”

Neha continued,

“I was finishing my sixth month when we did fittings and then I went up by two sizes every time I’d come back and say my button is not shutting. But no crazy cravings or anything as such. I had morning sickness so for a 7 am call time, I’d wake up at 5 am throwing up and then later ask for a break on set because I was up so early.”

A Thursday is streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar. Yami Gautam essays the role of a young school teacher who turns into a kidnapper, Neha Dhupia as a pregnant cop, Dimple Kapadia as the prime minister of India, and Atul Kulkarni as a police officer in the film.

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