Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 4th November 2023 Written Updates

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In the previous episode of Udaariyaan, we saw Aliya becoming agitated and plotting to stop Asmaan’s pregnancy. She didn’t want Asmaan to get pregnant since she feared it would cause complications for her and Armaan. Aliya intended to contact a few females to terminate Asmaan’s pregnancy. Asmaan went away due to Aliya’s plot, and everyone in the family became aware of her disappearance. As a consequence of Asmaan’s phone being monitored, Armaan and everyone else arrived at the location where Asmaan was. When Armaan saw the situation, he risked his life to save Asmaan. Asmaan, on the other hand, did everything she could to keep Armaan. Asmaan was stabbed in the stomach in the middle of the chaos. Everyone accompanied Asmaan to the hospital. Continue reading to know what happens in today’s November 4, 2023, episode of Udaariyaan.

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Is Asmaan Leaving?

Udaariyaan Armaan Asmaan
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Today’s, 4th November 2023, episode of Udaariyaan will be extremely interesting. Asmaan will express her true feelings. She tells everybody how she wishes to go to Canada. Four tickets to Canada will be booked. Asmaan will purely state this in today’s episode. Asmaan will be seen leaving for Canada. Armaan, on the other hand, will run behind her, encouraging her to stop. Asmaan will not bother to even look back at him. Armaan will also reach Canada. However, the plot twist will be to witness that he will be seen in prison. In the narrative ahead, Aliya will also reach Canada. Asmaan will be seen confronting both Aliya and Armaan for their actions.


Udaariyaan: The Drama

Asmaa Armaan Aliya Udaariyaan
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With a new plot and cast of characters, the show takes place in the hearts of the spectators. The viewers are kept on the edge of their seats by the captivating story twists. As the story progresses it brings new plot twists and unexpected drama series. How will the triangle of Aliya, Armaan, and Asmaan move further? Let’s see what else this excellent program has in store for us while we wait.

What do you believe Udaariyaan’s tale will progress to next? How will the plot develop? If you wish to satisfy your curiosity, don’t miss today’s program. Kindly share your thoughts in the space provided for comments below. We’re looking forward to your reply. We eagerly await your communication! Also, stay tuned for additional details about this fascinating program.

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