Watch Viral Video: Adipurush Director Om Raut Kissing Kriti Sanon On The Premises Of Tirupati Temple Erupts Controversy

The much-anticipated film 'Adipurush' has once again found itself embroiled in controversy.

Om Raut Kriti Sanon Kiss Controversy

This time, the Adipurush film’s director, Om Raut, is under scrutiny for a farewell gesture towards actress Kriti Sanon. A video capturing the moment has gone viral, leading to heated debates about the appropriateness of such displays of affection within the premises of the Tirupati temple. Let’s delve into the details.


The Controversial Farewell

During their visit to seek blessings at the Tirupati temple, director Om Raut bid farewell to Kriti Sanon with a friendly side hug and a peck on the cheek. While the gesture seemed harmless to some, it drew sharp criticism from specific individuals, including the head priest of the temple. He condemned the act, stating that it insulted the revered Hindu epic Ramayana and Goddess Sita. Ramesh Naidu Nagothu, the BJP State Secretary in Andhra Pradesh, also expressed his disapproval in a now-deleted tweet.


Public Reactions

Ramesh Naidu Nagothu Tweet

The controversial video has sparked a wide range of opinions. Many defended Om Raut’s gesture, highlighting the innocent nature of a friendly farewell. Some argued that there was no vulgarity in his actions and that those interpreting it negatively were projecting their inappropriate mindset. However, others deemed the display of affection disrespectful, especially within the sacred grounds of the Tirupati temple.


Director Om Raut’s Response

Om Raut

While Om Raut refrained from commenting directly on the viral video, he used social media to express his feelings about visiting the temple. He described it as an extraordinary experience and expressed gratitude for the darshan (blessings) they received. Raut’s focus remained on the film’s positive aspects and the overwhelming response to its trailer.


Adipurush Controversies

Kriti Sanon Ravan Salary Fees Adipurush
Still From Trailer

‘Adipurush’ has been no stranger to controversies since its inception. Fans previously raised objections to the portrayal of Ravana, played by Saif Ali Khan, in the film. Additionally, an FIR was filed against the makers earlier this year due to an allegedly incorrect poster that hurt religious sentiments.

Saif Ali Khan Ravan Salary Fees Adipurush
Still From Trailer

As the release of ‘Adipurush’ draws closer, controversies continue to surround the film. The recent uproar over Om Raut’s farewell gesture at the Tirupati temple. It has ignited debates about what is deemed appropriate within sacred premises. Amidst the criticism, the film’s and the director’s supporters argue for a more lenient interpretation of the incident. As the public eagerly awaits the film’s release on June 16, 2023. It remains to be seen how these controversies will impact its reception.

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