Adipurush Makers Booked One Seat For Lord Hanuman In Every Theatre; The Reason Will Surprise You

Lord Hanuman Seat Book Theatres Adipurush

The second trailer of Adipurush has been released, and the excitement for the film is at its peak. On Tuesday, the Adipurush film team, directed by Om Raut, created a stir by making exciting news. As the highly anticipated release date approaches, they announced their intention to reserve a seat for Lord Hanuman in every theatre playing the film.


Adipurush Releasing On June 16

Prabhas Adipurush

The upcoming film is set to be released on June 16, and it digs into the timeless tale of Ramayana, a revered ancient Indian epic. Moreover, the film’s vast appeal is expected to resonate with people nationwide, raising hopes for its performance.

The film was supposed to be released on August 11, 2022. However, when the teaser was released, it received widespread criticism from fans. Therefore, this caused the filmmakers to rewrite the film, notably regarding visual effects (VFX). As a result, the release date has been pushed back. After making the required changes, the film is ready to make its long-awaited theatrical debut. It will be released in 5 languages – Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.


Makers Reserving One Seat For Lord Hanuman

Hanuman Role In Adipurush

Adipurush’s production team has recently published an official statement. They announced their decision to leave one seat empty at every screening across the country as a mark of respect and devotion for Lord Hanuman. He was, furthermore,  recognizing the audience’s great faith. Moreover, this one-of-a-kind gesture attempts to honor the people’s devotion to the heavenly figure while also providing a distinctive touch to the film’s theatre experience. According to the Adipurush team, Lord Hanuman is said to make his presence known wherever the Ramayana is played.

“Lord Hanuman appears wherever the Ramayana is recited. It is our belief. Respecting this belief, every theatre screening Prabhas’ Rama-starrer Adipurush will reserve one seat for Lord Hanuman without selling it. Hear the history of paying respects to the greatest devotee of Rama. We started this great work in an unknown way. We all must see the Adipurusha built with great grandeur and grandeur in the presence of Lord Hanuman.”

Hanuman Adipurush

Furthermore, director Om Raut elaborated on the team’s choice in a recent statement, providing more insight into their thoughts. He said,

“Respecting this belief, every theatre screening Prabhas’ Rama-starrer Adipurush will reserve one seat for Lord Hanuman without selling it.”

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