Watch Video: Rekha Danced First With Glass On Head 35 Years Ago Not Bobby Deol

Rekha Jamal Kudu Bobby Deol Song

Many people became fans of Bobby Deol’s Jamal Kudu song and its steps. However, you will be surprised that the famous glass-on-head step by Bobby Deol was done by legendary actor Rekha in the past. In a superb twist seen in Bollywood history, fans recently uncovered, Rekha’s amazing dance move from the 1988 film ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’. The famous scene highlights Rekha easily balancing a whiskey glass on her head while getting into the tunes of ‘Sasu Ji Tune Meri Kadar Na Jani’.


Beginning Of A Trend And Social Media Buzz

Amazingly, it wasn’t Bobby Deol who pioneered this move in the recent film ‘Animal’, but the legendary Rekha herself. This disclosure has begun a broad appreciation for her ability and skills. Fans have spilled over social media stages and similar stages with cuts from ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’, applauding Rekha’s dance ability and her obligation to Bollywood. The hashtag #RekhaDanceChallenge has been trending, with users sharing their favorite dance moments from her recognized career.


Bobby Deol In Animal

In the recent Bollywood ‘Animal‘, Bobby Deol paid homage to Rekha by recreating her timeless notable dance move. Therefore carrying it to the new age of crowds and generations lately. His version of the song ‘Jamal Kudu’ has garnered consideration and acclaim, further solidifying Rekha’s impact on Bollywood dance culture.


Renewed Interest In ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’

This great revelation of the dance clip recently has prompted a huge interest in ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’, a film that likewise also marked the debut of Salman Khan. Therefore fans are returning to the film to witness Rekha’s timeless performance and appreciate her commitments and contributions to Indian cinema.


Observing Rekha’s Legacy

As this viral dance move of Rekha is becoming famous online over the internet, Rekha’s career is likewise studded with phenomenal performances, from ‘Silsila’ to ‘Umrao Jaan’. Alongside this, her adaptability and elegance continue to motivate the ages of entertainers and artists. As the interest hums about Rekha’s ability, clearly her legacy in Bollywood transcends ages. From her stellar role to her famous dance moves, Rekha remains a legacy symbol in the domain of entertainment.

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