High Voltage Drama As Wedding Bells In &TV Show Agnifera


&Tv has lots of good shows going and one of them which is high on TRP is none other than Agnifera. The Director and Producer of the show Agnifera Ravi Raj is bringing forth high voltage drama to keep viewers hooked. In upcoming episodes of &Tv’s Agnifera, audiences will get to see the wedding drama. Director doesn’t miss any chance to entertain audiences.

In the ongoing episodes, Audience is witnessing Agni played by Yukti Kapoor and Kishan played by Karan Goddwani Wedding rituals are in full swing. Sakshi is trying her best to destroy as she wants to take revenge from Agni.


Things are getting quite interesting on Agnifera. As on the big day, both Agni and Sakshi will be dressed as a bride and it will be quite interesting to see who will be the bride to the groom. Will Agni and Kishan get married or will Sakshi get succeeded in her plans.


Audiences are very excited for the upcoming episodes and they just can’t wait to know what will be going to happen during wedding bells at Agnifera.

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What you all think? What will happen? Will Sakshi get to succeed or will Agni and Kishan gets married? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments below.

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