Zindagi Shataranj Hai Review: A Murder Mystery That Will Keep You Thrilled

Zindagi Shataranj Hai Review

Every now and then, there are many movies released. This Friday, the Zindagi Shataranj Hai movie released. It is a murder mystery that will keep you thrilled. The film stars Hiten Tejwani, Shawar Ali, Pankaj Berry, Zaid Shaikh, Rajkumar Kanojiya, Kavita Tripathy, Ashutosh Kaushik, Hemant Pandey, Ekta Jain, Bruna Abdullah, and Arjuman Mughal.


Zindagi Shataranj Hai Story

Zindagi Shataranj Hai Hiten
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A woman gets shocked when a man arrives at her bungalow, claiming to be her husband. The story revolves around a man whose wife is not ready to accept him as a husband. Things become more creepy when everyone, except her, refers to the man, as her husband. Is the man real or an imposter? Also, spooky murder started in the city. Is there a link between the murder and the man? Watch out for the film to find out.


Zindagi Shataranj Hai Review

Zindagi Shataranj Hai Hiten
Still From Trailer

Director Dushyant Pratap Singh crafted the suspense in the film brilliantly. You will keep on guessing who is lying and who the murderer is. Actor Hiten Tejwani has been impressive with his superlative performance. He has used all his acting experience to get into the skin of the character. Other actors Shawar Ali, Pankaj Berry, Zaid Shaikh, Rajkumar Kanojiya, Kavita Tripathy, and Ekta Jain, also played their roles nicely. The film is shot mostly in a single bungalow. The background score of the film is one of its highlights. The songs in the film are nice, and Daler Mehndi also sang one song Gadbad Gadbad. It is an 85-minute film, that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The suspense and thrill keep you hooked. Overall, Zindagi Shataranj Hai is a thrilling watch. We give the film 3 stars out of 5.

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