A Thursday Review: Yami Gautam Delivers Career Best Performance In This Gripping Thriller

A Thursday Review

Yami Gautam, Neha Dhupia, Dimple Kapadia, Atul Kulkarni, and Karanvir Sharma starrer A Thursday is streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar. A Thursday is a gripping thriller that should not be missed. There was a movie released in 2008, ‘A Wednesday’ that was an edge-of-the-seat thriller and kept the audience hooked. There is no connection between A Wednesday and the recently released film A Thursday. However, there is an essence of thrill from the cult classic. Director Behzad Khambata did amazing work and A Thursday surpasses expectations.


A Thursday Story

Yami Gautam A Thursday
Still From Trailer

A story revolves around Naina Jaiswal played by Yami Gautam. She is engaged to a criminal lawyer Rohit Mirchandani played by Karanvir Sharma. Naina stays in Rohit’s house and a part of the house has been converted into a playschool Little Dots. Naina falls sick and resumed playschool after 3 weeks on Thursday. After the parents drop their kids at playschool and leave, Naina holds 16 kids as hostages in her playschool. She also keeps her maid Savitri hostage.  Another visitor, a driver of one of the kids also been held as a hostage. Naina calls the Colaba Police Station and informs that she has taken 16 kids hostage.

A Thursday Neha Dhupia
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Catherine Alvarez, a pregnant cop played by Neha Dhupia arrives at the scene. Naina fires at her and then the cop realizes that the matter is really serious. Naina wants to talk to a super cop Javed Khan played by Atul Kulkarni. Javed talks to Naina and she demands INR 5 crore. Naina assures that she will leave one kid after her demand is met. After her demand is met, Naina releases one child and her next demand is to talk to the Prime Minister of India Maya Rajguru played by Dimple Kapadia. Will Prime Minister talk to Naina? Why Naina is doing all this? What is her motive? This forms the rest of the story of A Thursday.


A Thursday Review

A Thursday Dimple Kapadia
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A Thursday is one of the finest thrillers in recent times. Within the 10 minutes of the film, a sweet and loving Naina turned into a ruthless kidnapper. The writers Ashley Michael Lobo and Behzad Kambata kept the story and screenplay gripping and thrilling. The film never loses its plot and it is a 2 hours song-less film. A Thursday also takes a dig on the media who can go to any extent to raise their TRPs.

Director Behzad Kambata is superb with the direction. The way Naina takes the kids hostage without making them feel uncomfortable and that they are in such a situation and at the same time the way she negotiates with the police has been done and filmed brilliantly. The background score by Roshan Dalal and Kaizad Gherda keeps you engaged and on the edge of your seat in the film. The climax of the film is clapworthy and terrific as it addresses a burning issue.

Talking about the performances, Yami Gautam delivers her career-best performance to date. She is simply sensational with her dialogue delivery and expressions. Neha Dhupia was pregnant during the shoot and she really deserves applause for her role. Dimple Kapadia was good in her role of Prime Minister of India. She carries the persona of the Prime Minister with ease. Atul Kulkarni was entertaining and executed his part very nicely. Karanvir Sharma was good in a small and supporting role.


Final Verdict

Yami Gautam A Thursday
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A Thursday does justice to the thriller legacy. The film will surely be going to remind you of the movies like A Wednesday and Kahaani. It is one of the movies that should have been released in cinema halls. If it had been released in cinema halls, A Thursday would have been hit. Do not miss this Yami Gautam film, it is highly recommended if you love thrillers. We give A Thursday 4 stars out of 5.

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