Aazam Movie Review: Jimmy Shergill Delivers Another Powerful Performance In This Engrossing Thriller

Aazam Movie Review

Aazam is a 2023 Hindi-language movie. Shravan Tiwari is the film’s writer and director. Jimmy Shergill, Abhimanyu Singh, Indraneil Sengupta, and Raza Murad are among the actors in the movie, whose producer is T B Patel. The conflict over Nawab Khan’s succession is the subject of the film Aazam. The themes of conspiracy, betrayal, and deceit are central to this film.


Aazam Plot

Jimmy Shergill Aazam

The Mumbai criminal underworld serves as the backdrop for the Bollywood film Aazam. The conflict over Nawab Khan’s succession to the position of mafia lord is another central theme in the narrative. However, because of blood cancer, he only has 10 to 15 days left to live. In addition, Nawab Khan is the leader of a syndicate that rules the city and consists of five partners. Therefore, Kadar, the Nawab’s son, is the rightful successor to the business in the meantime.

He intends to get rid of all of his father’s connections on the advice of his colleague Javed. Kadar’s scheme, however, doesn’t work because the other syndicate members have other ideas for the gang war. DCP Joshi becomes enmeshed in Javed’s scheme while attempting to halt the mayhem. Who will prevail in this struggle between success and defeat as the real Aazam?


Aazam Movie Review

Abhimanyu Jimmy Shergill Aazam

Aazam is director Shravan Tiwari’s work of love. He is, therefore, happy to present this compelling tale to the audience. The movie is the ideal fusion of the mystery, thriller, and criminal genres. The team’s diligent work is also readily apparent. They did a fantastic job of building an engaging environment that will have the audience on the edge of their seats. The pace of the film is really quick. Additionally, the first time, you are engrossed in understanding the narrative.

You realize how realistic the cinematography is the second time. Viewers will be completely lost in the compelling plot as it develops. Furthermore, you will be following unforeseen twists by this point. Jimmy Shergill also performs a wonderful job in the film. Despite having a small fan base, he is one of those actors who deserves far greater success. Based on the work he does, we can make this assertion.

Jimmy Shergill Aazam

He was present in popular movies, including My Name is Khan, Mohabbatein, and Munna Bhai MBBS. Sad to say, though, that despite his incredible talent, his career did not advance as quickly. Javed’s character is given more intensity and depth by Shergill’s representation in the film. Abhimanyu Singh, Indraneil Sengupta, Raza Murad, and Anang Desai are also present in Aazam. Each of them contributes to the complex plot in a unique way.


Final Verdict

Aazam Review

The tension and conflict that results from the mafia’s power struggle intrigue viewers of the film. Additionally, the film has a tense atmosphere and several menacing tones. Aazam exposes the terrible reality of mafia life through its genuine and realistic portrayal.

Javed must traverse the perilous Mumbai underworld in this exhilarating rollercoaster ride of a movie. The film also has a compelling plot and excellent characters. Additionally, Aazam guarantees captivating performances that improve the narrative. This entire combination results in an engrossing and immersive cinematic experience. We give the film four out of five stars.

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