These Actresses Entered Into The Film Industry Purely By Luck

Actresses In Film Industry by Luckvia

5. Sonal Chauhan

Sonal Chauhan Film Industry

Sonal Chauhan is a very beautiful actress from Delhi. She was crowned Miss World Tourism 2005. Director Kunal Deshmukh saw her in a restaurant while he was searching for an actress for his film ‘Jannat’. After seeing her, within few days Kunal offered Sonal a lead role for his film Jannat opposite Emraan Hashmi. Sonal Chauhan made her debut in Bollywood in 2008.


6. Zareen Khan

Zareen Khan

Salman Khan launched many celebrities and one of them is Zareen Khan. Zareen Khan was a big fan of Salman Khan. Once while Salman was shooting the film ‘Yuvraj’ in Mumbai. Zareen came to the shooting spot and met Salman Khan as a fan. Salman noticed her because she resembled Katrina Kaif. Further, Salman Khan asked her for some photos. Later he offered her the lead role in his upcoming film ‘Veer’. Zareen Khan made her debut from ‘Veer’ in 2010.


7. Shefali Zariwala

Shefali Zariwala

Shefali became widely popular with one song ‘Kaanta Laga’ in 2002. She is also known as ‘The Kaanta Laga Girl’. Once Vinay, a song director noticed Shefali while he was on a walk. Vinay was highly impressed, he immediately offered the song “Kaanta Laga” to her. The song became one of the most famous songs in the year and Shefali got a start in her film career.


8. Alaya Furniturewala


Alaya is the daughter of actress Pooja Bedi. Saif Ali Khan was looking for a new face for his new film ‘Jawani Janeman’. Saif saw Alaya at a party. He was quite fascinated with her beauty and immediately offered her the role of his daughter in the film. Director Nitin Kakkar further took a screen test and backed Saif’s choice.

Here were some of the actresses who did not expect to be in the film industry by any chance. However, they all are very beautiful and highly skilled after they made their debuts. Whose name surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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