These Actresses Entered Into The Film Industry Purely By Luck

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The uncertainty of life makes it even more beautiful to live in. A decision, a statement, can change your future completely within a moment. Many times we have seen that luck plays an important role in anyone’s life. However, have you ever think that you get a bright and prosperous future as a surprise? The entertainment industry is full of glitz and glamor. We have brought to you the list of Bollywood actresses who got into the film industry surprisingly and purely by luck.


1. Jayaprada

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Actress Jayaprada was a very good dancer. Once KB Tilak, a director saw her performing during her school days. He immediately offered her a dance performance in the film ‘Bhoomi Kosam’. Certainly, the choice of Tilak was very apt, and the performance earned Jayaprada a big name in Bollywood.


2. Vyjayanthimala


Vyjayanthimala is a well-known actress who started her carrier in Tamil cinema. Director MV Raman wanted a new actress for his film ‘Vazhkai’. He saw the Vyjayanthimala’s dance performance in a school in Chennai. Mr. Raman further convinced Vyjayanthimala’s grandmother and offered her a lead role in the film. The film was a big success and Vyjayanthimala got fame. She became one of the most promising actresses in the industry.


3. Ameesha Patel


Rakesh Roshan introduced his son Hrithik Roshan through the film ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai‘. Once Rakesh Roshan went to attend a marriage function at Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai. Rakesh met with Amit Patel, at the function, who was his boarding school friend. Amit was there along with his daughter Ameesha. He introduced Ameesha Patel to Rakesh. She was extremely beautiful. Immediately Rakesh offered her a lead role for the film and called her to the studio. The film was quite popular and broke many records at the box office.


4. Raveena Tandon

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Raveena Tandon is an actress who was not at all interested to make her career in the film industry. Salman Khan was searching for an actress for his new film ‘Patthar Ke Phool’. One of Salman’s friends told him to see Raveena. After seeing Raveena, Salman immediately selected and offered her the film. It was then, Raveena Tandon made her debut in Bollywood.

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