Adipurush Teaser: Fans Are Disappointed With Poor VFX And Cartoonish Look; Trolled Mercilessly

Adipurush Teaser Trolled

Adipurush teaser was much-anticipated and is finally out now. Yesterday, a huge celebration was planned in Ayodhya, and the teaser was released around 7:11 pm. Together with the media and fans, Prabhas, Om Raut, and the complete cast honored the occasion with their presence. Prabhas will play Lord Ram in the Ramayana-based film Adipurush. Saif will play the role of Raavan, and Kriti will play the part of Sita. While the teaser is receiving praise from the actors’ fans, other netizens are not as pleased.


Adipurush Teaser Gets Criticized For CGI And VFX

Although some people praise the movie’s first glimpse, many others are let down by CGI and VFX. Several sequences from the teaser are also trending repeatedly on Twitter. These call other Hollywood films, like Marvel’s Avengers series, Game of Thrones, and others. The teaser depicts Lord Ram as ready to demolish the evil empire Lankesh, built by Saif Ali Khan. It uses a lot of VFX and CGI to give viewers a distinctive cinematic experience. The teaser has drawn conflicting responses, dividing Twitter users’ viewpoints.

Several individuals are comparing the VFX to childhood cartoons. On the other hand, some appreciate the usage of technology and even say they would like to see the movie in 3D. One of the Twitter users expressed his views and said that it looked like they invested 700 crores just on the copy of Temple Run. Another user with similar sentiments said that everything was so dark and blue in the teaser and not rich and colorful. He added that this looks more of a Dracula kind of movie but not Ramayan.


‘Disappointing Adipurish’ Trends On Twitter

As soon as the teaser was public, netizens showed their disappointment and anger. Apart from VFX, what has disappointed the most to all is Saif’s look as Ravana. Saif appears with short hair and a beard. Netizens are now questioning whether the actor will play Ravana or Alauddin Khilji in the film. Joking about the same, one of the social media users also questioned if they were going to change the name of Ravan to Rizwan.

Netizens also question the portrayal of Ravana’s Pushpak Viman in the teaser. Others continued by saying the movie doesn’t look any better than an animated one. They argued that Arun Govil from Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana was unbeatable. Furthermore, netizens criticized Adipurush for having poor visuals and bad appearance, adding that it was disrespectful to the Ramayana. Fans also stated that only a filmmaker like Rajamouli could represent Shri Ram in a way that Hindus would find acceptable.

One of the most eagerly awaited movies of 2023 is “Adipurush.” It is based on the epic “Ramayana” by Valmiki. The movie explores Lord Ram’s struggle to save his wife, Sita, from Ravana’s clutches. However, Raghav, rather than Ram, is the namePrabhas’sas’s character in the film. Janaki, played by Sanon, is based on Sita. Lankesh will be the nameKhan’san’s character. On January 12, 2023, the film will be available in IMAX and 3D.

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