Exclusive: Vikram Mastaal Celebrates Diwali With Idols Of His Parents, ‘I Feel They Are With Me’

Vikram Mastaal Parents Idol

Everyone is celebrating the Diwali festival all over the world. Social media is flooded with photos. People post their pictures on social media with lanterns, crackers, sweets, and with their family and friends. Many celebrities posted their photos on a traditional look with their friends and families. However, Vikram Mastaal, a Bollywood actor, celebrated Diwali with his parents sculptures.

Vikram Mastaal

Talking to Cinetales, Vikram Mastaal said,

“Whenever I am free from work, I come to my village. I lost my parents at an early age. They have not seen me as an actor. I always feel the pain of it. I always want to celebrate every festival and even my birthday in my village. This year, luckily I have got some free time from my schedule and I headed home. I admire my parents a lot. When I was a kid, my father use to joke that you should make a statue of me.

Vikram Mastaal Parents

Around 10 years before, I thought to make a sculptor of him. I coordinated with sculptors from Makrana, Rajasthan about my father’s sculpture of marble. It has been made of about 3 feet. Then, five years ago, I have got my mother’s sculpture made. I have put both the sculptures in front of my home in the village. I don’t want to see them apart, hence the sculptures are placed together. It is a temple for me. I decorate it at every festival. This Diwali I decorated the place which I call the temple. I celebrated Diwali with my parents. Whenever I am there, I feel they are with me, talking to me and blessing me. Being here gives me a feeling of inner peace.”

Vikram Mastaal Parents

Vikram Mastaal added,

“This Diwali I took 201 lanterns (diyas) from the street vendors. Diwali is the festival of lights. I want everyone to celebrate Diwali. Buying things from the streets, make them happy and give them a reason to smile. We should celebrate Diwali and help poor so that they can also celebrate the festival of lights.”

Vikram Mastaal Parents

It was such admirable thinking of Vikram Mastaal. His story will make you emotional. Vikram Mastaal, you are an inspiration to millions of people.

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