Andrew Garfield Improvised One Of The Amazing Lines In Spider-Man: No Way Home

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Spider-Man: No Way Home became the second-highest-grossing Hollywood movie of all time in India. The first was Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers: Endgame. The movie becomes the widest ever Hollywood film in India with a screen count of 3264 and counting which is more than the highest-grossing movie Avengers: Endgame of 2845 screens. It is almost three weeks and Spider-Man: No Way Home is still getting good footfalls in the cinema halls despite rising in the omicron variant. It is the best Spider-Man movie to date with an astonishing cinematic experience. Those who have watched the movie know that there is a brilliant union of the three Peter Parkers in Spider-Man: No Way Home. People who have not watched the movie till now, you deserve this spoiler. Spider-Man: No Way Home has brought Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield together.

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Andrew Garfield talks about his return as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Talking to Variety, Andrew Garfield said the boys have exchanged the notes about their suits. He added Tom Holland was a little more restricting than this. Andrew said,

“I think the first time we were all in the suit together, it was hilarious because it’s like just three ordinary dudes who were just actors just hanging out. But then also, you just become a fan and say, ‘Oh my god we’re all together in the suits and we’re doing the pointing thing,”


Improvised Line ‘I Love You Guys’

Andrew Garfield

Andrew added that he was actually the one who came up with the line, “I love you guys” in the movie. “There’s a line I improvised in the movie, looking at [Maguire and Holland] and I tell them I love them. That was just me loving them,” he said.


Andrew Garfield Journey As Peter Parker

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Andrew Garfield also mentioned the journey of his character Peter Parker took with the movie.

“We talked a lot about mentorship. We talked a lot about brotherhood and about what it is to be the older brother, younger brother, and middle brother. There’s also a thing of seeing someone you love walking down a path that you’ve already walked down, and you know it doesn’t lead to the place where you ultimately meant to go.”

He added,

“That character is isolated in his emotional experience and physical experience. But what happens when that aloneness gets blasted open, and you come to realize that you’ve never been alone and there are other brothers going through the exact same thing? That’s a big spiritual journey to go on, man. And then we just milked out all the fun that we could possibly have,”

Spider-Man: No Way Home became the biggest hit of the pandemic era globally. The movie has earned over $1.4 billion in just a month. Have you watched the movie? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below.

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