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Anupama 11th January 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

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The Anupama episode from today, January 11, 2024, opens with Shruti informing Anupama that she worries their relationship may deteriorate due to misunderstandings. According to Anupama, Shruti shouldn’t focus too much on the potential outcomes because doing so would interfere with their harmonious, mutually trusting, and understanding lives. Anupama informs Shruti that God has a purpose for separation and other things; therefore, to avoid feeling sorrow in the future, they should give their all in their relationship.

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Vikram Calls Anupama

Anupama Latest Updates

 Shruti expresses gratitude to Anupama for inspiring her with her comments. Anupama responds that she has some experience in that area because she is a mother of four children. Because Anupama asserts that a mother ought to stay a mother and cannot decide what is best for her kid while still being their friend, Shruti is eager to learn more about her daughter from the viewpoint of a mother. After Anupama receives a call from Vikram informing her that they must travel to the Indian grocery store to buy items for a large order, Shruti quietly drinks her tea.


Upset Leela

Anupama Latest Updates

When Leela discovers Pakhi by herself in the kitchen, she tells her that she needs a separate flat in the tower in case it is built above the home. Pakhi desires to remain with the family so that she may assign them Ishani’s responsibilities. At the same time, she enjoys the outer world alone, but Leela advises that Pakhi should consider other people for once. Leela gets upset when Pakhi claims she is the family’s daughter and has nothing to lose. She also claims that she deserves a place in the house.


Annoyed Pakhi

Pakhi Anupama

When Leela clarifies that only Hasmukh would divide the property while they are living, Pakhi responds that everyone may live separately in the tower if it is completed. Dimpy then arrives and asks Pakhi to behave herself. Hearing Leela annoys Pakhi, who responds by threatening to see how anybody can prevent her from achieving her goals.


Anuj Meets With An Accident

Anuj Anupama

In the meantime, Anupama and Vikram get a cab to head to the store, and the cab pulls up alongside Anuj’s coffee shop. When Anuj looks at Anupama again, he is taken aback to see her seated in a cab as it departs. Initially, Anuj misses Anupama as she bends down to retrieve the list that falls. Anupama sees a guy getting harmed behind the cab on the road and yells Anuj’s name in panic as Anuj goes to the road without thinking and is hit by another automobile. Anupama exits the cab and approaches Anuj, hurt in the collision but doesn’t see the face.

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