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Check Out The Shocking Videos Exposed Hina Khan, The Dirtiest Contestant In Bigg Boss?

Hina Khan Made Arshi Khan's Life A Living Hell Inside The House

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Bigg Boss is a house of controversies. This season has achieved a new level of controversies and one of the prime controversy generators is Hina Khan. Hina Khan had an image of a “traditional bahu” because of her role in the show “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”. However, inside Bigg Boss, we have seen Hina Khan which is utterly different than her on-screen personality. Many said that Bigg Boss has exposed Hina Khan but that was not the case. The show was hiding the true colors of the TV actress.


Hina Khan Exposed

Exposed Hina Khan

The lady has left no opportunities to start a beef. But, the thing that we saw on TV is only a fraction of her evil side. A Twitter user shared 10 videos that exposed Hina Khan.


Foul Language That None Can Tolerate

In the video, Hina Khan was seen using a language which is immensely bad and eventually intolerable. This was shocking as no one expected Hina Khan to go this much low with words. Moreover, Priyank Sharma left no chance to go on the maligning adventure.


Even Arshi Khan Seemed Like A Victim

Their prime target was Arshi Khan. We all know that Arshi Khan was titled as the queen of controversies, but watching the video she is nowhere near Hina Khan if it is about involving in the conflicts. Furthermore, she seemed like a victim in the video who was being targeted by a gang of goons. Admittedly, it would have been hard for her to live in this type of environment.


Check Other Parts Of The Video

Going through the videos, we have seen a whole new side of Hina Khan. The ten video exposed Hina Khan and it presented her as a subject to hate. What do you say about these videos and the foul language Hina Khan is using? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Also, check a renowned stylist says, Hina Khan wears borrowed clothes inside Bigg Boss. Do you know who is the person behind the voice of Bigg Boss, check it out. There is no watch inside the BiggBoss house; yes, you read it right, check out more amazing facts about Bigg Boss.

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