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Toshu begins the Anupama episode of October 15, 2023, by stating they decided after considering their family members’ safety since they didn’t want anybody to get hurt. According to Vanraj, a family is formed when members stand up for one another in difficult circumstances rather than just remaining together. Toshu advises Vanraj to withdraw his lawsuit and avoid making enemies of those individuals since doing so may put his life at risk. Vanraj informs Toshu that he doesn’t need to learn anything about bravery or courage from Toshu and folds his hands. He claims that he is still of sufficient age to stand up for his own son and not be constantly terrified of the repercussions.

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Kavya With Vanraj

Madalsa Sharma

Kavya claims that Dimple and Hasmukh have joined the fight and given Vanraj the file so he may go to the police station, adding that she has been by his side during the whole dispute.


Barkha Advises Pakhi

Muskaan Bamne Anupamaa Salary

In the meantime, Barkha informs Pakhi and Adhik that the Rathore family has connections to organized crime and that they are essentially criminals hiding behind the façade of businesspeople. Barkha advises Pakhi to consider her and Adhik’s safety because they also plan to have a kid and shouldn’t put their lives in danger.


Shocked Pakhi

Pakhi is surprised to hear Barkha advise them against giving police their testimonies and be eyewitnesses to the incident and put their lives at risk. There is a slim possibility, according to Barkha, that they will prevail in court, but the greater concern is whether they will still be alive to see what happens themselves. Hearing such things from Barkha affects Pakhi, who considers what she and Adhik should do.


Adhik To Not Provide The Statement

Anuj suggests that they first drop Anu off at her school before going to the police station to make their statements and request a time for Adhik to arrive. After Adhik hesitates to speak, Pakhi informs everyone that Adhik will not provide a statement to the police regarding Samar’s case. Vanraj shows up at the door and applauds them, stating that blood can transform into water when a loved one dies.



Pakhi acknowledges being a coward and claims that she is acting practically when Anupama asks her to consider her actions and calls her a coward. Anupama informs Vanraj that they are fighting alone and exits the house without further discussion. Kinjal refuses to listen to Kavya’s arguments, and Kavya and Dimple break up their chat with Kinjal as a result.


Dimple Thanks Anuj

Anupama 6 July 2023 Kinjal Dimple

When Anuj arrives at the police station and declares that he is prepared to make a statement, the inspector is shocked to learn about Toshu and Adhik. When Anupama sees Anuj, her face lights up, and they return to the Shah residence without asking Anuj for a glass of water. Giving Anuj water, Dimple thanks him for his assistance in Samar’s case and explains that she has come to the conclusion that Anuj is not to blame for Samar’s passing.


Vanraj Faints

Sudanshu Pandey Anupamaa Salary

Anuj was the guy who came with them and provided his statement, according to Vanraj, who was prompted by Toshu’s remark that the person guilty of Samar’s murder was larger than them. After telling Toshu to stay in his fear since they can fight for themselves, Vanraj abruptly feels sick and drops to the ground, shocking everyone.

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