Anupama 25th September 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama 25th September 2023

In today’s Anupama episode of 25th September 2023, Dimple strives to hold on to herself and her state of mind while Kinjal inquires about her feelings. Malti Devi praises Hasmukh and Kavya for helping her out despite the fact that they are strangers. They then tell her to ask for anything she needs without worrying about what other people may say. Malti Devi breaks down in tears as she thinks of Anuj and declares that she is unworthy of being a mother. Kavya attempts to get Malti Devi to stop, always condemning herself.

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Leela Criticizes Malti Devi

Anupama 6 July 2023

Kavya approaches Leela when she sees her standing far away so that she won’t suddenly assault Malti Devi, but Leela says she doesn’t even want to allow a woman like her to stay in their home for a second. Malti Devi is visited by Leela, who inquires about her thoughts on shifting somewhere. Malti Devi states that she will depart in a few days. When Leela inquires about what “few days” means in this context, Hasmukh becomes enraged and rushes over to her, telling her to stop talking. Asking Malti Devi how shameless she is to still breathe carelessly despite hearing such remarks from her own kid the previous night, Leela claims that Malti Devi does not even belong to her own son.


Hasmukh Shows His Support Towards Malti Devi

Anupamaa 25 May 2023 Written Update

While Hasmukh requests Leela to stop speaking, Malti Devi lowers her head and begins sobbing. Anupama apologizes to Anuj for digging into his previous scars in the hopes of genuinely healing them. When Anupama receives a call from Leela, she is startled and turns to look at Anuj, who is soundly dozing.

Hasmukh inquires as to the reason for Leela’s call to Anupama, to which Leela responds that Anupama is the one who brought the issue to their home. Leela protests that Malti Devi is not welcome in her home, but Hasmukh insists she must stay with them until she finds another place to dwell.

Dimple almost falls due to dizziness, and Kinjal and Kavya help her to sit and relax a little bit while they talk about the situation. Kavya discusses her constant want to eat, while Kinjal shares her fascinating pregnancy experience with Dimple.


Anupama Guides Pakhi

Anupamaa Samar Episode 24th May 2023

Pakhi also informs Anupama that she and Adhik had discussed having a child. Anupama explained to Pakhi that having a child is not a way to perfect a relationship and that she should consider all options carefully before making a decision.

Anupama reminds Pakhi that a kid should only be born when both parents are prepared to take on the responsibility. Pakhi claims that she is ready.

Later, Anupama receives a call from Hasmukh and informs Anuj that they do not need to visit the Shah home. Anuj then informs Anupama that he has chosen a facility where Malti Devi will be cared for. Anupama is astonished when she hears Anuj’s choice. Anuj further states that he won’t back down and that Malti Devi must leave his life after Ganesh Utsav. Anuj is unwilling to hear anything, so Anupama considers how she would persuade him to change his mind.

What do you think will happen next in Anupama’s’ story? If you want to satisfy your curiosity, don’t miss today’s program. Share your thoughts in the comments section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Also, stay tuned for more information on this intriguing show.

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