Anupama 16th November 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama 29th September 2023

Anupama’s 16th November 2023 episode begins with the two families performing Lakshmi pujas in their own homes when Anupama summons the eldest member, Malti Devi, to take part in the puja. Malti Devi grins and arrives to do the puja, while Vanraj and Kavya perform the puja and accept the blessings.

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Vanraj In Rehab?

Sudhanshu Pandey Anupamaa

Vanraj hands Hasmukh an envelope with a pamphlet about a rehab clinic for individuals suffering from anxiety and despair. Leela and Hasmukh are shocked to learn that Vanraj is leaving on the same day, and Leela declares that Vanraj will go nowhere. Vanraj says he’s leaving for a few days to get healthy and be there for his family, and Kavya agrees that they should allow him to leave and be cured. Leela wishes Vanraj farewell with a broken heart as he goes for his new place to get healthier.


Anupama Prays For Happiness

Anupama 30th August 2023

Anupama prays to God to keep everybody happy since everyone deserves it, and Anuj believes that every kid needs light and books in their life. Furthermore, Anuj and Anupama visit the dancing academy to decorate it, along with Dimple. Anupama blushes as Anuj compliments her and takes photographs of her, making Dimpy feel lonely.


Lonely Dimpy

Anupama 15th October 2023

Dimpy arranges diyas but the wind nearly blows them away. Titu arrives and assists Dimpy in protecting the diyas, questioning Dimpy why she is placing such ornamental things there when Dimpy becomes irritated and asks Titu to return the piece. She almost breaks the piece while holding it back, but Titu rescues it, and she admits she can’t control anything in her life now that Samar is gone. Titu advises Dimpy to think of him as a teddy bear to alleviate her loneliness, as Anupama looks on from a distance with a surprised face.


Angry Leela

Anupamaa Written Update 6 June 2023

The next day, Leela greets Hasmukh after his morning stroll, asking him about Vanraj before getting ready to bake sweets. Leela is irritated when Toshu and Kinjal bring sweets and masalas for everybody to take with them, and she questions Kinjal whether she should have asked her.

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