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Anupama 17th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama 17th December 2023

Today’s Anupama 17th December 2023 episode begins with Vanraj condemning Anupama for associating with Kinjal and Pari despite his denial, while Hansmukh requests that he refrain. Vanraj, on the other hand, continues to depict Anupama as an unfortunate woman who constantly brings troubles with her. Toshu agrees and continues to criticize Anupama, calling her selfish. Leela wonders how she could do this. Vanraj accuses Anupama of the incident.  Kinjal tells him to stop because everything transpired because of her.  Continue reading to know what happens next.

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Vanraj Break Ties

Anupama 8th September 2023

Kinjal claims that if Anupama had not been present, both she and Pari would have perished. Vanraj, on the other hand, informs Anupama that she is no longer linked to the Shahs, breaking off all ties with her. Vanraj tells his family that anybody who wishes to assist Anupama may do so, and Dimpy steps forward. He reminds her that she is pregnant with Samar’s kid, prompting Dimpy to tell him that Samar was also Anupama’s son. Vanraj requests that Dimpy give him her kid and end all familial ties with them. Dimpy claims that the law will not permit this, prompting Vanraj to declare that familial connections will.


Dimpy Sadly Returns

Anupama 15th October 2023

Vanraj describes his plans to meet Dimpy’s child, stating that her child will not be hers even after she becomes his mother. When Anupama tells Dimpy to go, he urges her to choose between her baby and Anupama. Dimpy departs, leaving Anupama to reminisce about volunteering at the Shah House. Anupama informs everyone that she has been blamed for everything since she arrived at the Shah House. She gives other incidents in which she is accused even when it is not her fault but the family’s fault.


Anupama Leaves

Anupama Crying 18 November 2023

Leela frowned unhappily as Anupama unleashed her year-long rage at the Shah’s belittling her. Anupama says she was even pushed out of the house or compelled to leave and has had enough. Despite Anu’s desire for her presence, she claims that God knows her and Anuj’s devoted dedication to the Shah. Anupama informs everyone that she is leaving them and will never return, adding that she will leave gracefully. When Hasmukh calls, Anuj goes away with Anu, and Anupama moves ahead. Hasmukh blesses Anupama and she walks away, her final steps far from the house.


Anu’s Shocking Behaviour

Anupama Daily Soap

They eventually arrive at the Kapadia House and are met by the family, who ask Anupama if she is okay. On the other hand, Anu is disturbed by the encounter, and Leela questions Anupama about why she went to see Pari and Kinjal. Anupama claims she is not to blame for the disaster, while Romil and Adhik are thankful to God. She goes to Anu but flees to Anuj since Anupama emphasizes Kinjal and Pari above her. Anu complains to Anuj about it, which shocks him and the rest of the family.

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