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Anupama 17th February 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama Latest Episode Update

The Anupama episode from today, February 17, 2024, begins with Anuj watching a video of his and Anupama’s marriage on his phone. Shruti then approaches Anuj and poses a question. Shruti says she chose to speak with Anuj because she knew he would be up at this hour as well, having not slept, and then she asks whether Anuj will be returning to Anupama. When Shruti questions Anuj whether he’s prepared to reunite with Anupama should the opportunity arise, he is taken aback. On the other hand, Anuj claims that he hasn’t given the issue much thought up until now because all he wanted to know was how Anupama was doing in life after parting ways with him and Adhya. Since Shruti knows it will be difficult for her to hear the response, she urges Anuj to answer the question truthfully and to not bother her presence.

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Karma Is Real

Anuj Anupama

While everything is going on, Vanraj’s boss concludes his dinner with Vanraj’s family and expresses gratitude for the delicious food and warm hospitality. Vanraj’s boss informs him that they need to talk about work with serious intentions, and Hasmukh requests that the family members vacate the room so they can have a private conversation. After telling Vanraj that their company has appointed a celebrity as their new brand ambassador for a forthcoming product, the boss urges everyone to calm down because there is nothing secret.

At that moment, Tapesh enters the house while the kids are yelling his name and hurrying over to welcome him. When Tapesh shows up at their house to play with the kids, everyone is taken aback. Vanraj’s boss greets him and announces that Tapesh will now represent their company as a brand ambassador. Because of his job, fate has brought back the person Vanraj despises in front of him, proving to Leela that karma is indeed a threat.


Disappointed Shruti

Shruti Anupama

On the other hand, Anuj claims that if he were acting on instinct, he would grab Anupama’s hand right away, but this isn’t the case because he needs to weigh his options. When Shruti learns that Anuj is discussing the bizarre relationship between Adhya and Anupama, she asks him whether he has just been with her because of Adhya. After all these years, Anuj tells her he likes her too, which surprises Shruti. Sad, she tells Anuj that it hurts to hear like rather than love. Anuj remains silent when Shruti asks him what he would do if Adhya chooses to accept Anupama as her mother; she advises him to consider the situation and let her know as soon as he is confident. Anupama muses over her meeting with Shruti the following day and considers what she will say to her after shattering her heart in such a way.

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