Anupama 22nd October 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama 22nd October 2023

The Anupama episode from today, October 22, 2023, opens with the Shahs sitting and fretting over what might happen when Kinjal and Toshu come inside. With a sardonic greeting, Leela addresses them as prince and princess, deserving of a lavish celebration complete with a red carpet and a special aarti. When Toshu and Kinjal arrive at the house and inquire about the situation, Dimple responds that Suresh Rathore’s men have arrived and are threatening to kill everyone. They tell Vanraj that he should take back his case if he wants them all to survive.

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Anupama Disagrees With Pakhi

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Vanraj claims he is not afraid of threats, but Toshu predicts that Vanraj’s incredible hero abilities will have them all dead in no time. As Anupama tells Pakhi to mind her own business because she is being sensible, they confront each other and do not stop her when she retreats. When Pakhi threatens to kill them for Anupama’s bravery, Anupama responds that they should publish a formal notice declaring their disassociation from Samar and the lawsuit.

When Anupama has to assist Pakhi with something, she says she will also begin to think practically. Pakhi then asks Anupama if she will help her, to which Anupama politely declines. She informs Pakhi that although she aspires to be a mother, she does not know what it means to be a mother because a mother is someone who puts herself first and cannot be a mother at any point in their lives, even if they have a child.


Toshu And Kinjal’s Revelation Upsets Vanraj

Madalsa Sharma

Toshu and Kinjal have decided to relocate to the UK, and at the same time, Toshu reminds Vanraj that he has another son whom he is holding out for sacrifice while battling for his other son.

When Kavya checks the file, everyone is horrified to learn the news. Kinjal then states that they had to accept the offer since they wanted Pari to grow up in a good atmosphere. When Toshu tries to speak, Vanraj snaps at him to stop talking and tells him to go anywhere he wants to go and stay happy while thinking only of himself.


Devika’s Plan

Anupama Daily Soap

The following day, Anupama and Devika visit a cafe owned by Vinay, a friend of Sonu’s, where Devika begins to pretend to be a journalist and flirts with him; Vinay then expresses interest. Anuj responds that Anupama is his wife, not a subordinate who requires his approval for everything, when Malti Devi advises Anupama to get his consent before doing anything.

Vinay finds the AirPods after Anupama and Devika leave the cafe and goes to return them. However, Anupama and Devika run into Anuj, who stops by to see how they’re doing. Devika chooses to meet Vinay later and carry out their plan even though they are able to escape there in time.

Devika claims to have phoned Anuj, takes them to a tea shop, and then leaves with an explanation about an office call that is really just an excuse to have a private conversation between Anupama and Anuj.

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