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Anupama 24th February 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama Latest Episode

Today’s Anupama 24th February 2024 episode begins with Adhya grasping Anupama’s hand while standing up, after which they take slow steps out of the lane together. Anuj receives a message from Anupama, notifying him that she is with Adhya and that they are secure. Anuj instantly informs Shruti about it. Anupama and Adhya reach the restaurant while Yashdeep and Vikram talk about the food to be ordered and see the two ladies’ appearances. Yashdeep instructs Vikram to provide Adhya water while Anupama forces her to sit on the chair and urges her to sip it. Then, they offer her some juice for sugar consumption. Continue reading to know more about today’s episode.

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Adhya Blames Anupama

Toshu Kinjal Anupama

Adhya consumes the juice quietly while Anupama takes a few deep breaths, and Yashdeep provides her with water to help her relax. Anupama repeatedly calls Adhya “Choti” and asks if she feels any better, bringing Adhya back to reality. She forces her away and asks her not to get close to her. Adhya clarifies that her name is Adhya, not “Choti,” and that she should not call her by that title again. Adhya accuses her of the entire incident. Yashdeep encourages Adhya to be kind to her mom. Still, Adhya urges him to keep himself out of the family issue, describing how Anupama has ruined her peaceful and joyful life.


Adhya’s  Rant

Shruti Anupama

Adhya informs Anupama about her argument with Anuj and Anuj’s dispute with Shruti. She claims that Shruti departed the house because Anupama was back in their lives. Adhya’s rant offends Anupama, who silences her. She warns her for being disrespectful to her elders. According to her, Adhya is only concerned with herself, oblivious to the difficulties that others face regularly. She reminds Adhya of her age and advises her to stay a kid and deal with age-related challenges rather than attempting to be an adult who knows everything about life.

Anupama questions Adhya about why she never bothered about her father once, given that he has cherished her his entire life despite their shattered relationship. She informs Adhya of past and present truths, stating that she abandoned Anuj and Adhya so that they might live peacefully and that she had never discriminated between Adhya and her other kids. She claims that Adhya won’t believe her, but this does not alter the fact that Anupama became a mom the instant she called her “mummy.” Anuj arrives and breathes a sigh of relaxation as he realizes Adhya is secure. Shruti also makes it there. Anuj realizes that many discussions have already occurred.

Anupama requests that Anuj and Shruti take their child to speak to her so that she avoids doing such a dumb act. Adhya embraces Shruti. Anuj appreciates Anupama for her assistance. Then, Anuj and Shruti escorted Adhya out of the restaurant.

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