Anupama 24th October 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama 24th October 2023

Today’s episode of Anupama, October 24, 2023, opens with Malti Devi pleading with her to comprehend her as she is a mother as well. Malti Devi responds that she doesn’t mind being referred to as a coward, even though Devika has asked her not to become a coward like Pakhi, who has prevented her husband from aiding in the case. As a result of this situation, Anuj urges everyone to stop condemning Anupama, and Anupama feels guilty because everyone tells her that she would be responsible if something happened to Anuj.

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The Upcoming Court Hearing

Anupamaa 25 May 2023 Written Update

Anuj claims he feels accountable for Samar’s passing because he was involved in the altercation that ultimately resulted in Samar’s demise. When Anuj declares that he would do anything to see his friend receive justice, Anupama understands how deeply impacted Anuj has been and how everyone has been blaming him for Samar’s passing. Anupama turns to Malti Devi in the meantime and assures her that she and Anuj will return safely, but Barkha, Pakhi, and Malti Devi beg them not to be obstinate.

Vanraj is eager to attend the case hearing the following day, but his family members try to talk him out of coming for fear that he could lose his cool after learning the judgment. Vanraj is stopped by Dimple, who shows up at the door, and she advises him to cool off. She also says that because he can’t manage his rage, he should stay home because they are all battling for Samar. As Anupama and Anuj descend the stairs, Anupama assures Malti Devi that she will ensure her son’s safe return home after the issue is resolved.


Anupama Is Frightened

Anupamaa Episode 24th May 2023

While Suresh Rathore informs his men that he wants to teach the Shah family a lesson, Ankush and Devika prepare to go with Anuj and Anupama. Anupama appears to be quite afraid of everyone showing out on the road because anyone can be an assailant as she, Anuj, Ankush, and Devika drive off.

Nevertheless, they get to the court without incident when Anuj and Ankush enter while Anupama and Devika remain outside, with Devika going to Vinay’s cafe. Anupama is upset since Viney claims he was not with Sonu that evening and that he had nothing to do with Samar’s passing. She feels as though she has lost her son forever.


The Lost Case

Madalsa Sharma

Devika tries to stop Anupama and departs as people assemble to watch the fight. However, Anupama loses her cool and lashes out at Vinay. She asks him how he can say such a thing about her kid. Anupama realizes what she did and breaks down emotionally as Devika tells her that she damaged everything on her own by losing her temper. Anuj walks out of the courtroom with Ankush when the case hearing is announced. Anuj apologizes to Anupama for losing the lawsuit involving Sonu’s release.

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