Anupama 26th August 2023 Today’s Episode Written Update

Anupama 26th August 2023

Anupama’s August 26, 2023, episode begins with Anupama persuading Pakhi to inform her about Adhik’s behavior with her behind closed doors. Pakhi admits she isn’t comfortable talking about something personal, but Anupama encourages her to speak up and discuss her difficulties openly. Pakhi claims that she and Adhik get along well and that he has previously apologized for his behavior, so she doesn’t need to hear it again. Anupama then decides not to push Pakhi any further, saying that her family is there for her if she ever needs help or direction, and expresses appreciation to Pakhi for being Romil’s friend. Continue reading to know more about what happens in today’s episode.

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The Romance Gets Interrupted

Anupama Today's Episode

Anuj and Anupama take a walk beneath the night sky after supper, and she informs Anuj about her discussion with Pakhi. Anuj informs her that he also spoke with Adhik but did not reach a conclusion, leaving the question unanswered.

Anupama claims that they are only circling helplessly, unable to grasp the start or the end of the dilemma, to which Anuj responds that the beginning will undoubtedly come to them.

Anuj further says that the night reminds him of the day Anupama declared her love to him through a song. Anupama sings the later portion of the song after hearing Anuj hum it, and Anuj approaches her, only to be interrupted by her phone ringing.


Dimple Cares For Pari

Anupama 6 July 2023 Kinjal Dimple

Meanwhile, Leela is attempting to manage everything independently, with Pari sobbing and the others feeling ill, when Anupama arrives and assists Leela in managing everyone.

Anupama keeps Pari in the cot and watches over the others, while Dimple notices Pari sobbing and wonders why no one is watching over her.

Anupama responds that they are too busy looking after others, prompting Dimple to take Pari in her arms and pacify her, causing Leela and Anupama to exchange glances.

Vanraj urges Leela to take Pari away from Dimple, who sleeps on the sofa when Anupama leaves, but Leela claims Dimple would not drop Pari.

Leela believes unpleasant emotions like rage and hatred can taint a person’s beneficial characteristics.


Barkha And Anupama

Anupamaa 25 May 2023 Written Update

On the other hand, Barkha walks into the kitchen and discovers Romil munching chips there, prompting her to remark that Romil has no shame in moving around in someone else’s house so blatantly.

Romil, on the other hand, responds that everything Barkha just said applies exclusively to her because she also enjoys pleasure in Anuj’s money. Romil further states he can comprehend her upbringing’s principles by seeing Adhik’s demeanor. This enrages Barkha, who then proceeds to punch Romil in the face before Anupama intervenes.

Anupama tells Barkha that it was her fault for instigating Romil and that Anuj will have to take strong action if Barkha’s behavior persists.

Romil in Anupamaa

Barkha then asks her whether she is seeking revenge on Adhik for beating up Pakhi, to which Anupama responds that she is only silent because of Pakhi.

She further warns Barkha that if she sees any more wounds on Pakhi’s body, no one can save Adhik. What do you think will happen next in Anupama’s story? If you want to satisfy your curiosity, don’t miss today’s program. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Also, stay tuned for more information on this intriguing show.

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