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Anupama 4th October 2023

Today’s Anupama 29th October 2023 episode begins with Malti Devi inquiring about Anupama after she stated that she will be focusing on the Kapadia family from now on. Anupama and Anuj, according to Barkha, went to the Shah residence after lunch because they needed to talk to Hasmukh about something, and Ankush was handling Anuj’s meeting. She goes on to say that Malti Devi should stop being angry since it is normal for all of them. She states that they have no right to complain because Anupama has Anuj wrapped in her fingers. Malti Devi claims that she must persuade Anuj and Anu that Anupama is not the one who cares for them as much as they do.

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Hasmukh Is Concerned

Anupama Today's Episode

Meanwhile, Anupama and Anuj sit by Hasmukh, listening to him discuss Vanraj’s mental state and how he is concerned about how they would cope with such a problem. Anuj informs Hasmukh that they would take Vanraj to the greatest doctor available and provide him with the best care possible.

Hasmukh explains that Vanraj has lost both of his sons, Samar’s death and Toshu’s departure. Anupama believes that Hasmukh was correct to bring it up with them. According to Anuj, children traveling overseas is not unusual nowadays because everyone is focused on constructing their own future and life, which is not a bad thing.


Hasmukh Feels Grateful

Anupamaa 25 May 2023 Written Update

Anupama agrees with Anuj and informs Hasmukh that children nowadays have a different perspective than them. She states that it is also wrong for parents to bind their children in order that they can serve them. She claims that parents want their children to devote their entire lives to them in the same way that they did, but this does not always occur. Hasmukh tells how he and Leela feel grateful to Anuj and Anupama for always being around to listen to their difficulties.


Anupama Schools Leela

Anupama Daily Soap

When Dimple wonders what has occurred, Leela answers that something needs to happen if Dimple does not alter her attitude and leads her inside the home. She mentions Dimple chatting to males while eating panipuri on the streets. This shocks Dimple, and she informs Leela that those are her dancing students.

Anupama is perplexed when she hears Leela explain that widows live by different norms. She asks Leela if she wishes Dimple to sit in the corner of the house wearing a white saree. Leela claims that they must follow societal standards. Anupama tells her that Dimple is doing nothing illegal and that they should first focus on loving their own lives.


Romil Bashes Malti Devi

Romil in Anupamaa

Anupama informs Anuj about her plan to create an old-age home to serve the seniors who their offspring have been abandoned after Leela walks inside and Dimple leaves. Anuj loves the concept and names the institution “Apna Ghar” (Our House), while Anupama feels it would become a home for many people.

Meanwhile, Malti Devi inquires about Romil’s whereabouts, but Romil responds that he is not answerable to her, after which she gives him the letter from his college. Romil believes that Malti Devi’s strategy to dominate the house and family would fail since Anupama understands how to get people back on track.

Anupama, Anuj, and Anu sit together and have a fantastic time. Later, when Romil asks permission to invite his friends for a study session. Malti Devi opposes to the proposal, but Anupama agrees with Anuj’s backing. Romil walks away with a sneer. Anupama approaches Dimple and asks her to revive her spirits, following which Anupama clothes Dimple and herself. Pakhi observes them from outside the door.

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