Anupama 2nd December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama 5th October 2023

Today’s Anupama 2nd December 2023 episode begins with Anupama informing the girl that no one receives less for respecting seniors, especially while working for their lives. Anuj cautions the manager about the situation and asks him to take care of his work while telling the old guy to call him if he ever reencounters anything like this. Anupama and Anuj also realize that they must quickly set up their old age home to serve others and better their own quality of life. They order the food fast since they need to be home soon. Continue reading to learn more about today’s episode.

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Titu Assures Dimpy

Anupama 15th October 2023

Meanwhile, Dimpy arrives at the academy just as Titu is ready to close it. This surprises Titu. Dimpy informs him that she couldn’t rest easily at home. Titu claims that Dimpy’s family uniquely cares for her and that they are correct from their perspective, as he realized after speaking with Anupama. Dimpy is taken aback when Titu says he likes her a lot since she decided to fight when life gave her the chance to cry, something that many people do not do. He promises to be there for her anytime she needs him. After returning, Dimpy glances at Samar’s image, telling him how difficult it is for her to continue her battle as everyone accuses her of many things.


Kavya Feels Hurt

Madalsa Sharma

Leela informs Hasmukh that she is restless as she attempts to persuade herself that everything will be fine now that Vanraj is back. Anu enters Anuj and Anupama’s room and expresses her fear of ghosts. Anupama responds that only fairies and angels exist. The following day, Vanraj gives Leela and Hasmukh their medications. Leela thanks Vanraj for a new beginning in life, saying that her child’s fate would also lead him. Vanraj’s grin fades as the baby is mentioned. He refuses to accompany Kavya for a regular routine checkup because he is too busy with work. Dimpy mentions her checkup, for which Vanraj immediately prepares. This hurts Kavya a bit.


Anuj And Anupama Are Triggered

Anupamaa 25 May 2023 Written Update

Anupama notices Pakhi and Adhik on their way to the doctor and asks if she might accompany them, but Pakhi rejects. Anuj arrives and informs Anupama that he will leave Anu at school so that she may accompany Dimpy to the doctor, making Pakhi envious, and she informs Anu that Dimpy’s baby is Anupama’s priority. Pakhi claims that Anupama would forget about Anu since she is adopted and return her to the orphanage when the baby is born, which both Anuj and Anupama find upsetting.


Anuj Shouts

Anupama 22nd September 2023

Anupama urges Pakhi to show some civility. Anuj yells and tells Pakhi to stop, after which they clarify that she is just as essential to them as the rest. Anuj learns that Malti Devi and Barkha have also said such things to Anu. He assures Anupama that they will discuss it when he returns. Anupama stands in front of God and declares that the respect has vanished and that deeds will henceforth be evaluated without mercy.

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