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Anupama 6th March 2024 Written Updates Today’s Episode

Anupama Latest Episode

Today’s Anupama episode, March 6, 2024, begins with Anupama and Leela embracing and crying because they have missed each other so much. Kinjal encourages both of them to settle down. Anupama advises Leela to ease down because her knees must be sore from the long flight, and she might feel jetlagged. Leela appreciates Anupama as she rubs her legs and begins to complain about the narrow distances between the seats, making sitting for an extended period extremely painful. Yashdeep chuckles with everyone. Anupama informs Leela that Yashdeep is her superior at work. Continue reading to know more about today’s episode.

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Vanraj Being Rude

Vanraj Anupama

Leela prevents Yashdeep from touching her feet in poor English because she doesn’t want Anupama’s boss to do so. Anupama insists that Yashdeep is capable of speaking Hindi because he is Punjabi. Yashdeep meets Leela in Gujrati, which amazes her, and she salutes him with an astonished expression after he reveals that he has served in the armed forces. Vanraj questions Yashdeep about what to chuckle about, which spoils everyone’s mood. Yashdeep responds that Anupama responded similarly when she learned about it. Vanraj questions Yashdeep if he is so open with each of his employees that he even drops them home after work.


Anupama Apologizes

Anupama Latest Updates

Yashdeep smartly responds that if Vanraj joins the restaurant, he will drop him back in India. He praises Anupama’s cooking and how she has increased the business’s profits. Vanraj claims that Anupama can only prepare food since she has done it her entire life. Anupama agrees, but Yashdeep asserts that a person who can’t honor their cooks is unworthy to be respected. Anupama approaches the door to say farewell to Yashdeep and apologizes for Vanraj’s conduct. Vanraj remarks that Indians always walk to the door and chat for hours before guests leave their homes.

Anupama returns and questions Vanraj about his issue with her, as she is not happy to see him after 5 years, with his ego still intact. Vanraj remains silent as Anupama questions why he is bothered about what she does in America because they have no connection. She urges him to mature a little. Everyone comes around Pari, and Leela offers her countless embraces and kisses before introducing her to Vanraj, who presents her with a necklace made of gold as a present.


Shruti Expresses Her Feelings

Shruti Anupama

Elsewhere, Anuj drinks extensively and experiences chest discomfort as a result of loneliness, prompting Shruti to call him and express her feelings of emptiness and sadness after losing her parents in such a way. Anuj promises Shruti that he will travel to India after the event after Shruti expresses her desire to see him there. Teetu and Dimpy visit Adhik outside and notify him about Pakhi’s conversation with a police officer. Adhik reveals to them how Pakhi portrays him as the villain, which is not the case. Anupama questions Leela about everyone and how Aansh is. When she asks about Pakh, Vanraj and Leela exchange glances.

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