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Anupama 8th March 2024 Written Updates Today’s Episode

Anupama Today's Update

Today’s Anupama 8th March 2024 episode begins with Anupama blaming Toshu for taking her money, which she backs up by informing Vanraj about his previous records. Meanwhile, Pari arrives and hands her an envelope containing money that she had lost. Anupama thanks Pari and bids her off. Toshu begins ranting, repeated several times, but no one is willing to pay attention. Kinjal states that he should consider why she blamed him rather than focusing on the allegations. She also states that she would have suspected him if her money had been stolen. Continue reading to know more about today’s episode.

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Worried Pakhi

Pakhi Anupama

Kinjal talks to Vanraj about Toshu, claiming he is a liability to them because he does nothing except play video games all day. Vanraj questions Toshu regarding this, but he stays quiet. In India, Hasmukh and Pakhi argue about Pakhi failing to inform him where she travels, although Dimpy does. Pakhi tries to escape but stumbles as the documents in her hands that are needed to convict Adhik fall, and she is concerned that Hasmukh and Kavya will witness it. Hasmukh grabs the papers. Pakhi worries that they will be seen, but she collects it nonetheless and goes. Back in America, Toshu justifies himself and apologizes.


Anupama Gets Hopeful

Anupama Today's Episode

On the other hand, Dimpy and Kavya discuss Pakhi’s tactics against Adhik. Kavya claims that Anupama could have managed things herself. Dimpy states it’s good she’s not here because she can enjoy her life. Toshu expresses his desire to better himself and be the cause of why they are pleased with him. Anupama advises him to be resilient and retain his spirit as she wipes his tears. He then visits Leela and Vanraj for their blessings and embraces Kinjal. He swears not to betray them now.  Anupama advises him about doing anything wrong. She leaves as Toshu does, and Anupama hopes everything goes well today.


Anuj And Anupama’s Interaction

Anupama Latest Updates

Toshu, on the other hand, gets a text message requesting money when he is leaving. Concurrently, the occasion is managed with considerable grandeur and show. Anuj visits Anupama’s stall but fails to discover her there. A bit later, he attempts to speak to her before leaving a red strip on her counter stating best wishes and leaving. Anupama thanks him and puts it on her wrist, recalling the past as Yashdeep approaches and questions her about what she is contemplating. She informs him about her journey from her children’s school stand to this significant event. Yashdeep praises her.

Meanwhile, Arjun worries about why Aadya isn’t contacting him. Toshu receives another text message. Vanraj and Leela, on the other hand, arrive as Anupama recalls Anuj’s refusal to accompany Vanraj and Leela. Anuj watches on everyone in management while giving Toshu the duty of handling the master keys to the locker, which contains a lot of valuables, and then goes. Toshu recalls Anupama’s statements from that morning.

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