Zee5’s Bombers: A Promising Football Web-series Is A Game Changer For Many Actors


Zee5’s original web-series Bombers is out and it is a promising story. A story of friendship, romance, rivalry, and sports. Bombers are like an inspirational story of those, who never give up. Football is a sport, which is getting very good attention of Indians for a few decades. Zee5’s web – series Bombers is a high-octane football drama.

Bombers have many promising actors like Varun Mitra, Ranvir Shorey, Prince Narula, Aahana Kumra, Sapna Pabbi, Zakir Hussain, Anup Soni, Dev Sharma, Meiyang Chang, Abhilash Kumar, Taher Ali, and Archis Patel. To your surprise, Sunil Chhetri is also doing a cameo in a web-series Bombers. It was shot in real locations and the team trained to play professional-level football on screen. You can watch the Bombers web-series online at Zee5.

Football Web-series Zee5's Bombers

The football team of Bombers, based in Indo-French town of Chandan Nagar in West Bengal. The entire team of Bombers is lost due to a tragic bus accident except Badol played by Varun Mitra. A minister Manik Dasgupta portrayed by Annup Soni plans to take the club’s grounds. He wants to build a shopping mall there and the only way Bombers can stop Manik Dasgupta is to rebuild a team from scratch. The web-series Bombers is an intense story of rebuilding the football team from the scratch and participate in the Zee Bangla League to save their football grounds.

The accident left Badol shell-shocked. He plans to play for a Mumbai club, but the love for the city of Kolkata holds him. Sanjana played by Aahana Kumra who is Badol’s girlfriend worries about him. But he does not want any sympathy from anyone.

Football Web-series Zee5's Bombers

The owner of Bombers FC’s owner Somu portrayed by Zakir Hussain brings in one of the club’s former players Debu played by Ranvir Shorey, to coach a new team, He makes Badol as captain. The plan is to win the Zee Bangla Football League.

The web-series Bombers has inspired by real-life tragedies. One is an airplane accident in 1958, which ended the lives of 11 members of the Manchester United football team. Second is another airplane accident in 1993, which killed all members of the Zambian football team.

Football Web-series Zee5's Bombers

The performance of Ranvir Shorey, Varun Mitra, Prince Narula, Zakir Hussain, and Annup Soni are remarkable. Meiyang Chang told that he could not even kick the football properly before the shooting of Bombers. It was quite a challenging role as there was a lot of physical activities involved during the shoot. Aahna Kumra as Varun Mitra’s girlfriend does a good job. Sapna Pabbi fits in the role assigned to her. The 10 episodes web-series will keep you engage with its character building and the story. The cameo of Sunil Chhetri is like the cherry on the cake. Sunil told, “It is a motivational story. For me, of course, it is football that brings me here to be part of this endeavor. I just hope that many people watch this and get motivated in life.”

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