Asur 2 Ending Explained; Asur 3, What To Anticipate In The Next Season?

Asur 2 Ending Asur 3 Release Date

Gaurav Shukla struck gold with the release of the second season of Asur. The most anticipated online series that took three years to produce a record-breaking season two has captivated the public. Asur 2 has an engrossing narrative and a fantastic ensemble who all act their roles flawlessly. Because of its out-of-the-box and incredibly inventive plot, the mythological thriller series became a smash hit. Read on to know more!


Overview Of The Plot Of Asur

Arshad Warsi Asur 2 Review Jio Cinema

In the suspense web series, Barun Sobti and Arshad Warsi play pivotal parts. It’s about a psychotic murderer named Shubh who wants to build a new planet ruled by the Asur (devil). He thinks that kindness does not last in this world and that evil will eventually conquer humanity. Asur, according to Shubh, is not the villain. He had a troubled upbringing since his father raised him to believe he was the Asur.

His childhood and the present are central to the plot. Meanwhile, the CBI is on the trail for Shubh, who is wreaking chaos by killing people and plotting mass murders. Nikhil Nair, portrayed by Barun Sobti for the CBI, is lured into the case by the mastermind. Nikhil was initially introduced as a forensic specialist living in the United States with his family. He receives a series of messages, including the dead bodies of heinous crimes and the coordinates of Shubh’s (Asur’s) next murder victim.

Arshad Warsi Asur 2

Nikhil is compelled to rejoin the CBI, and it turns out that he resigned over ten years ago due to a conflict with Dhananjay Rajput after discovering that he had assisted in the arrest of juvenile Shubh by planting fake evidence. With each successive instance, the links between all of the episodes become clearer.

According to the official summary of Asur 2,

“The devastating events of Season 1 take a heavy toll on everyone involved in the hunt for Asur. Season 2 chronicles the rise of the dark side and continues the high-octane chase as the CBI is racing against time to gather evidence and hunt down the serial killer.”


Shubh’s Use Of Artificial Intelligence To Carry Out His Wicked Goal

Asur 2 Shubh

This intriguing online series, Asur, is based on Hindu mythology, which states that we become closer to God for our good actions and closer to the devil for our negative ones. It also implies that every being contains both good and evil. According to the sacred Bhagavad Gita, all human beings have both heavenly (daivi sampad) and demonic (asuri sampad) attributes. Conflicts between Devas and Asuras have raged for millennia, reaching a climax in Kaliyug, the ultimate stage.


Shubh, Intends To Arrange A Fight Between Kali And Kalki

Asur 3 Season

His objective is to show that the bad side can win in the end. Shubh intends to do this with the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence). He intends to start a revolution and gains a large number of followers who see him as their God and blindly follow his orders. Shubh later reveals that he has been utilizing AI to predict each of his victims’ moves by tracking their every step, which has always put him ahead of his pursuers. The CBI works hard to figure out Shubh’s game plan, but each time they slip behind, the world is on the precipice of disaster.


Asur 2 Ending

Arshad Warsi Asur 2 Jio Cinema

Asur 2 concludes with a last showdown between 11-year-old child Anant and the Asur. Anant is cast as Lord Vishnu’s reincarnation and is faced with a difficult decision when he is given a remote control with two buttons. Choosing one will murder those who have faith in him and in God, while choosing the other will kill those who serve evil. DJ wants to prevent Anant from making a decision, while Shubh plants two sound bombs at the ghat and a scientific seminar. To avoid mass murder, the CBI team attempts to locate and defuse the devices.

The constant thumping of the clock heightens the suspense, and in the dying seconds, DJ sets up a plan to set off the Sonic bomb. When he notices Shubh at the Ghat, he gains leverage for a few seconds. He shoots Shubh, injuring him. Dhananjay eventually manages to apprehend Asur, but Nilkhil wants to break the rules and punish Shubh himself.

Nikhil pays a visit to Shubh in prison and shakes his hand normally. However, it is subsequently revealed that his hand was tainted with poison, which is why Asur dies.


Will There Be A Third Season Of Asur?

Asur 3
  • First Perspective

Although Asur 2 brought closure to many parts, it is still unclear whether the actual Shubh is dead forever. There’s a good chance that the man shot down wasn’t the actual Asur. It has been established in the two Seasons of Asur that Kali is unstoppable, and Shubh, being wicked, already has a cult that supports his vision of evil triumphing over good.

  • Second Point of View

At the conclusion, there is a scene in which DJ travels to meet Vrinda. Vrinda is a blind woman who is Shubh’s only close friend. She goes missing, raising the possibility that she is the next Asur. It is also likely that Vrinda and Shubh are expecting a child who will become the next Asur to seek vengeance.

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