Asur Season 2 Review: Arshad Warsi And Barun Sobti Are Back With The Thriller

Asur 2 Review

After considerable anticipation, the web series “Asur,” starring Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti, is back with Asur season 2. The show’s intriguing and original narrative is also generating a lot of enthusiasm among viewers. Additionally, the first two episodes are available on Jio Cinema for free. There are eight episodes in all, each lasting at least an hour. Here is all the information you require.


Asur Season 2 Story

Arshad Warsi Asur 2 Jio Cinema

Asur Season 2 is a continuation of the first, which featured a young guy going by the name of Kali. He claims to be Kalyug’s destroyer. He also has the goal of eradicating humanity as we know it. The self-proclaimed Asur commits terrible serial killings in the legendary crime drama series. The CBI and forensic specialists are now working to apprehend the offender to further prevent a catastrophic cataclysmic calamity. Shubh now employs technology to carry out his schemes as he acts out the Kali vs. Kalki mythological story.


Asur Season 2 Review

Arshad Warsi Asur 2 Review Jio Cinema

The AI in Asur 2 fits the thriller very well. On the other hand, the first section enthralled us all with its blend of mythology and forensic science. In addition, the second season introduces artificial intelligence, the subject of the day. The new season’s first two episodes may appear to drag at times, but season 1 was considerably more compelling.

Riddhi Dogra Asur 2

Based on the first few episodes, Asur 2 may not be as good as the first season. However, Asur 2 stands out because of its outstanding performance. Furthermore, it will keep you seated in front of your screen all the way through. Barun Sobti excels once more in his role as the broken-hearted Nikhil Nair. In addition, Arshad Warsi is very impressive as DJ because he conveys the complexity of his character.

Vishesh Bansal, a young actor, does an excellent job as Shubh Joshi. He portrays himself as someone who doesn’t feel guilty about killing those who are important to him. Ridhi Dogra, Anupriya Goenka, Amey Wagh, Meiyang Chang, and Abhishek Chauhan are all excellent in their respective roles. Furthermore, dialogue writers and Dharamraj Bhatt’s background soundtrack deserve special recognition.


Final Verdict

Arshad Warsi Asur Asur Season 2

Asur season 2 would be a must-watch if you enjoyed the first season because it wraps up any loose ends from the first season. Additionally, the answers to the questions raised there will be in the second part. One of the best mythological thriller series ever seen by Indian people has to be Asur season 2. This show receives 3.5 out of 5 stars from us.

Fans of both thrillers and mythology should see Asur 2. It is unquestionably worthwhile for your time because the show’s director has given Indian spectators something remarkable with this original notion.

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