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Check The Bigg Boss Audition Video Of Puneesh Sharma, He Is The Bigg Boss Of Delhi

He Got Money, He Is In The Pursuit Of Fame

Audition Videovia

Puneesh Sharma’s Bigg Boss audition video went viral. The video is as entertaining as Puneesh’s Journey in Bigg Boss is. In the video, Puneesh is seen making his intention clear which is to win the show and reach the heights of fame. It is clear from the video that he is the real Bigg Boss of Delhi.


Puneesh Sharma In Bigg Boss

Audition Video

Puneesh Sharma is one of the top contestants inside the Bigg Boss house. He entered the house of Bigg Boss and a commoner and he was considered a week contestant in the beginning. But his romantic chemistry with Bandagi Kalra spiced up the show.


No Impact After The Eviction Of Bandagi Kalra

Audition Video

To conclude, Punish Sharma made his name as one of the top contestants in the show. Although the Delhi boy did not make any impact in the show after the eviction of his lady love Bandagi Kalra, still he managed to survive in the game.


Puneesh Sharma’s Audition Video

Audition Video

The video starts with his introduction; Puneesh is a man who likes to live his life to the fullest. He tells that he is the co-owner of a Playboy club in Delhi, which is just a fraction of his investment. He is a contractor by profession.


He Doesn’t Care About Money But Care About Fame

Audition Video

He further tells that he does not care about the money. He is looking forward to the popularity that he will get if he wins Bigg Boss. He further told that he has already won a reality show (Sarkar Ki Duniya) and he is quite popular in Delhi. He claimed that he is the Bigg Boss of Delhi.

You can check the full video here

There is no doubt that he has made his intention clear in the audition video. It is his confidence and badass attitude that has brought him this far in the competition. What do you think about Punish Sharma? Is he really the Bigg Boss of Delhi?

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