BALH Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3, 7th August 2023 Today’s Written Updates

BALH Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 7th August 2023 Written Updates

The 7th August 2023 episode of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) begins with Shreya and Kriti learning that Ram’s room has been battered and that a blood trail is emerging from the room. While Kriti informs Shreya that she has something to share with her regarding last night, Shreya becomes concerned. To learn more about what happens in today’s episode, keep reading. Happy reading!

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Priya Regains Consciousness

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 Disha Parmar Written Episode

Priya awakens in a chamber resembling a basement and is startled to see that a rope chains her to a chair. Ram is seated in the same posture in the chair roped up in front of her when she opens her eyes and adapts to the light.

Priya glances around and realizes that they are now alone. She then screams for Ram to awaken. She calls Mr. Kapoor’s name and yells for him to get up while begging Ram to get up. As Ram hears Priya screaming out to him, he also begins to recover awareness gradually.


How Will BALH 3 Move Further In The Narrative?

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

The forthcoming Bade Ache Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) episode would begin with Kriti surveying the police officers and pulling Shreya to the side to speak with her. At the same time, Kriti explains that she had put some chemically intoxicated tablets into Ram’s booze when she had gone to see him last night. Sherya snaps at her and demands to know what it is.

She also discusses the likelihood of Priya ingesting it by mistake due to how mildly she had prepared the beverage. Shreya is furious with Kriti for even considering it after hearing all this because Ram and Priya aren’t even able to handle ordinary booze, yet Kriti gives them far stronger medications.

Kriti tells her to keep quiet and turns her back on the people staring at her. Shivani, Mitali, and her husband await Shalini to sign some paperwork at home. Shalini is abruptly stopped by Sona, who also shows her the news about Priya and Ram going missing and Ram’s office being destroyed.

What will happen next in the story? Please share your opinions in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Keep an eye out for today’s episodes. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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