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Bigg Boss OTT 2 Today’s Update 7th August 2023: Finale Week Tasks And Nominations

Bigg Boss OTT 2: Contestants Gear Up for the Intense Finale Week

Bigg Boss OTT 2 7th August 2023

The excitement is palpable inside the Bigg Boss OTT house as the show enters its final week. Day 51 witnessed mixed emotions among the contestants as they prepared for the approaching finale. With the house feeling emptier than ever, the remaining contestants are on an emotional rollercoaster as they reflect on their journey so far.

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Lethargic Vibes In The House

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Abhishek
Jio Cinema

The day started with a sense of lethargy engulfing the house. The absence of evicted contestants created a void that seemed hard to fill. Manisha Rani took it upon herself to lift Abhishek Malhan’s spirits after he faced criticism during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. The melodious song played in the background as Manisha tried to cheer him up. As the finale inches closer, Pooja Bhatt reminded Bebika and others that they must remain strong to support Jad and Avinash. The competition is fierce, and the stakes are higher than ever. The contestants are determined to give their best and leave a lasting impact in the minds of the audience.


Jiya’s Journey To The Finale

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Jiya

In a heartwarming conversation, Jiya revealed her disbelief at reaching the finale week. The once shy and reserved contestant has come a long way in her Bigg Boss journey. Her growth and transformation have been inspiring, and she is now gearing up for the ultimate battle to claim the winner’s title. The contestants shared nostalgic moments as the night descended upon the house, reminiscing about the past three weeks. They couldn’t believe how quickly time had flown. With only a week left, they realized how much they had grown as individuals and as a closely-knit group.

To lighten the mood, Manisha shared a funny incident from her past. Her lighthearted encounter with a vegetable seller in a market left everyone in splits. Pooja joined the laughter, appreciating the delightful word used by Manisha.


Teasing And Fun

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Elvish
Jio Cinema

Outside, Bebika and Abhishek engaged in friendly banter, teasing each other playfully. Abhi, jokingly, asked Bebika if he looked handsome, all in good fun. Such light moments amidst the tense atmosphere of the finale week provide a much-needed breather for the contestants. With the finale just around the corner, the contestants are gearing up to put their best foot forward. The journey inside the Bigg Boss OTT house has been filled with ups and downs, emotions, and drama. As the audience eagerly awaits the winner, the final week will undoubtedly be nothing short of a rollercoaster ride for both the contestants and the viewers alike. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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