Barbie Movie Review: Greta Gerwig Does An Amazing Work With This One

Barbie Review

A comedy fantasy film titled Barbie was recently out in the theatres. The director of the movie is Greta Gerwig, who also co-wrote the screenplay alongside Noah Baumbach. Additionally, the film takes inspiration from Mattel’s iconic Barbie fashion dolls. Barbie also marks the first live-action adaptation following several cartoon versions. The skillful Ryan Gosling portrays Ken, while Margot Robbie brings the popular Barbie character to life in this movie.


Barbie Movie Story

barbie movie Review

Margot takes on the role of the typical Barbie character and encounters a malfunction in the real world. This happens because of a design flaw from the manufacturer, Mettle. Consequently, Barbie and Ken venture together into the real world, seeking the root of the issue.

During their journey, Barbie becomes aware of the perils of women in this reality. Meanwhile, this leads her to undergo an existential crisis. Moving on, Ken receives a crash course in understanding the concept of patriarchy. Together, they navigate through the complexities of this new world, gaining insights and growing closer as partners.


Barbie Movie Review

barbie Review

Barbie brings a delightful and humorous perspective to the real world. The film starts with a riot of laughter as characters playfully mock Mattel. Meanwhile, as the story unfolds, it becomes evident how Barbie inspires women in reality. The movie also features captivating scenes filled with vibrant pink colors. This showcases Katie Spencer’s enchanting decoration that enhances every frame and moment.

Conversely, dialogue stands out as one of the primary strengths. Greta and Noah Baumbach skillfully weave the entire narrative together. Numerous poignant scenes also portray the challenges women encounter. Through this film, Greta Gerwig undoubtedly reaffirms her talent. Furthermore, Liu effectively embodies the character’s grace and demeanor. The supporting cast also contributes significantly to keeping the story engaging and compelling.

Every character receives an ample amount of screen time. However, it may sometimes feel like the film stretches the justification too far, temporarily reducing its enchantment. Nevertheless, the story remains true to its purpose and executes it meticulously. Ryan Gosling’s remarkable musical performance shines brightly, and the music creates an evocative atmosphere.


Final Verdict

barbie movie

We advise you to watch the film and put your faith in Greta Gerwig. The film deftly examines the tensions between Barbie’s legacy and her character. Additionally, viewers of all ages connect with the movie. It is a masterpiece with fascinating visuals.

Barbie will make you smile while also inspiring some thought. Some flaws cannot be hidden. Nevertheless, considering the advantages, we strongly advise you to watch this film and experience something unique. Our rating for this film is 3.5 out of 5.

The week at the movies is also fantastic. Barbie is one thing, and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer is another. The film’s key themes are blatantly addressing patriarchy and honoring womanhood.

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