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BBM Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Winner Name Check Voting Results And Numbers

BBM Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Grand Finale

The anticipation for the grand finale of Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 is reaching its peak as host Mohanlal finally puts an end to speculations. During a recent episode, the renowned actor shared the thrilling news with fans that the grand finale is scheduled for July 2 at 7 PM. With this announcement, the countdown to the much-awaited event has officially begun!

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Contestant Cerena’s Surprise Twist Leaves Everyone In Awe

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Winner

In a surprising turn of events, the latest episode witnessed the eviction of contestant Cerena. However, the twist unfolded as she was taken to the secret room instead of leaving the house. From this hidden vantage point, Cerena will have the opportunity to observe the ongoing dynamics within the Bigg Boss house. Fans are eagerly waiting for her imminent reentry and the impact it will have on the remaining contestants.

Live BBM 5 Finale Winner



Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Grand Finale

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Winner Name

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 commenced its gripping journey on March 26, welcoming a diverse cast of 18 contestants from various walks of life. Later, three wildcard entrants joined the competition, further intensifying the drama. Here are the top five contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5. They are Akhil, Sobha, Shiju, Reneesha, and Junaiz.


Host Mohanlal’s Special Interaction With A Devoted Fan

During the recent episode, a lucky fan named Anjima had the opportunity to interact with host Mohanlal. In a heartfelt video message, she expressed her admiration for the actor and her love for the show. In response, Mohanlal thanked her for the support and gratifying words. He then announced the date and time of the grand finale, urging fans to tune in to witness the crowning of this season’s winner.


Save The Date And Witness The Thrilling Finale

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Grand Finale

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 has captured the hearts of audiences with its enthralling twists, emotional moments, and captivating contestants. As the show nears its end, fans can mark their calendars for the exhilarating grand finale on July 2, where the ultimate winner will be unveiled on the same iconic stage. Make sure to join in and be part of the electrifying culmination of Bigg Boss Malayalam 5!

Intriguingly, the final episodes will see Cerena’s return from the secret room, adding an element of surprise and unpredictability to the already intense competition. Stay tuned for further updates, and get ready to witness the unforgettable conclusion of Bigg Boss Malayalam 5!

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